The Community Awards

The Community Awards celebrate the local charities, organisations, groups, individuals and businesses who work tirelessly to raise money and embark on community projects for the benefit of others, across the Bailiwick and further afield.

2017 winners and shortlisted nominee are detailed below.

Charity of the Year

Charity of the Year

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Citizens Advice Guernsey

Citizens Advice Guernsey has offered a free, friendly and confidential service to the Bailiwick for the last 40 years. Thirty professionally trained voluntary advisors now deal with more than 10,000 enquiries on any subject each year, with housing, family, money, legal, consumer and employment issues being the most common. It values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination.

In addition to giving individual advice, Citizens Advice aims to use its extensive experience to improve policies affecting the lives of all islanders. This is done through the distribution of statistics to relevant government departments and organisations, and the preparation of detailed and researched reports on specific issues.

The Friends of Citizens Advice Guernsey run a charity shop that raises more than 80% of the charity’s funding, and it uses this and other activities to promote the advice service.

The service is largely provided by a voluntary workforce that is subject to a high level of governance, with the quality of advice being regularly reviewed by external parties. This summer the local branch was rated highly by a national Citizens Advice auditor for governance, strategic business planning, risk, financial and people management, operational performance, partnership working, research and equality. Last year the charity received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the equivalent of an MBE for voluntary groups.

There is no other source of free advice covering all subjects available locally. Over the last 40 years, Citizens Advice Guernsey has given local people the opportunity to talk confidentially about all aspects of their problems, identify what they want to achieve, discuss their options and decide what they would like to do. The emphasis is on helping the client learn to deal with the problem themselves so they are better able to cope in the future.

Chosen for having consistently delivered a fantastic service to its many clients over several years, backed by a group of professional and loyal volunteers, for using their research and knowledge to inform States policy making, and for having dealt with an increasing level of enquiries in the last year whilst introducing a new governance structure, the winner is Citizens Advice Guernsey.


Guernsey Employment Trust

Increased services being delivered to more disabled and disadvantaged people and an improved collaboration with the business community and local employers, is testament to the success of the Guernsey Employment Trust (GET), which now offers disabled people in Guernsey and employers a high level, professional service.

Since 2015 GET has supported 171 disabled people into paid jobs, providing tangible evidence of the increased employment opportunities being made available and how the original target and goals of GET have all been exceeded.

When the charity was created it took over the running of Interwork Services, then part of the Health and Social Services Department. Employment opportunities for disabled people were limited at the time, with a lack of resource available to offer personalised support. By bolstering staff, moving premises, re-branding, organising training and successful fundraising, GET has made a dramatic and positive impact on the lives of many disabled and disadvantaged people in Guernsey.

As well as addressing the employment needs of disabled people, the charity has also supported employers to respond to the needs of disabled staff and job applicants, engaging with employers in a professional manner and taking the time to understand the needs of the business community. It produced A Good Practice Guide for Employers in Guernsey and introduced an Employers’ Disability Charter, both assisting employers to demonstrate tangible evidence that they are working towards taking positive action that will enable more disabled people to access employment opportunities in Guernsey.

GET has received considerable recognition in Guernsey from disabled people, employers and key stakeholders with regards to the improvements made and has demonstrated a wide range of partnership working.

The Judges were impressed by how GET’s achievements have exceeded goals in a relatively short period of time and by the positive impact it has made to disabled people and employers since its creation.

Les Cotils

David and Jane Swiffen bought Les Cotils in 1996 and transferred the ownership of the house and grounds into a charitable trust with an aim of investing in the community. Their purpose in buying the property was to ensure that it was used for the benefit of the Guernsey community. Although set up as a Christian centre, Les Cotils operates on an ecumenical basis and welcomes everyone regardless of their beliefs.

Whilst many users see the facility as a guest house, with conference and meeting rooms, restaurant and bar, these overt activities are a means to an end that allow the charity to generate an income where the surplus is invested back in our community. As a standard all charities get a 25% discount on all room hire and accommodation; however depending on circumstances charities are given free rooms and accommodation. Because of this generosity, charities are often able to raise meaningful sums of money by holding events and receiving income from ticket sales at Les Cotils.

In the last few years, Les Cotils has worked with the prison to support a number of people whose parole is due, providing employment which supports their rehabilitation back into the community. A partnership with the Probation Community Service team has led to groups of workers creating a Woodland Walk, which has recently been opened and which the public is now enjoying. Les Cotils has also provided St John Training Services, the training arm of St John which is also a charity, a new home. Although they pay rent it is subsidised which enables them in turn to use more of their resources for community purposes. Other community services include low cost training courses, discreet accommodation for those who may need a quiet place to stay, and giving work opportunities to those needing a second chance.

The value of free rooms, accommodation, and use of premises to various local charities in 2016 was around £60,000.

The Judges were impressed by the community services that Les Cotils provides and how their services have had an increased benefit to the community in the last few years.

Outstanding Individual Achievement Award

Outstanding Individual Achievement Award

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Bill Gardiner

Bill was diagnosed with Age-Related Macular Degeneration in January 2014. He was well aware of the seriousness of this condition and that he could lose all central vision, as well as requiring monthly injections into his eyes at Southampton hospital. Bill met another patient from Guernsey, Tilly Fisken, and, before the return flight was over they soon realised that there must be many other sufferers on the island and decided to set up a self-help group, and so the Guernsey Macular Society came into being.

A monthly meeting took place where Bill encouraged others to speak out about their condition and their concerns and soon the numbers grew. Bill’s philosophy in life has always been ‘Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t’ and this optimism and self-belief encouraged and reassured many other local sufferers.

He recognised that by encouraging involvement from the members they would gain confidence in their ability, overcome anxieties and concerns, and ultimately start to rebuild their lives.

The response from members was brilliant and several stepped forward to take on various tasks, allowing Bill to focus on an awareness campaign which he has worked on tirelessly. He promoted the Societyon BBC radio, contacted all local ophthalmic specialists and opticians on the island and arranged for a member of Moorfield’s Eye Hospital research team to visit the island to discuss the latest research into treatments.

Bill takes the lead on the ‘political aspect’ of the group, ensuring that policies, contracts and funding by the States of Guernsey are properly representative for patients with macular conditions, relative to quality of life, and life expectancy. He is willing to meet States representatives to give accounts from sufferers, and discuss existing and future medical policies.

In July this year the Society celebrated its third birthday with more than 70 members on its distribution list, and it continues to grow with a wide calendar of events. Bill’s passion for the Society, its members, and for hopefully finding a cure, is constantly evident, and he personally has had a profound effect on people’s lives.

Chosen for having initiated support for a group of people where there was previously none, and for having had a profound effect both on those people and the organisation he founded, the winner is Bill Gardiner


Rev. Richard Bellinger

Richard began his compassionate work on the island 10 years ago with the introduction of the Caritas organic market garden and the founding of the Caritas Community LBG. The beneficiaries of both of these were predominantly ex-offenders, the unemployed, and people with special needs. This then led to a stall at the Farmer’s Market in St Martin’s which provided volunteering opportunities for all who wished to help.

Richard and his team then took their skills and devotion into the prison, teaching prisoners how to cook using the produce grown in the Caritas organic garden. Richard has forged a strong bond with both the prison staff and the inmates over the years, offering them work experience in a safe and secure environment when they are released. The UK prison inspectorate has reported that the work Caritas does within the Guernsey prison is quite unique.

The Caritas Community Cafe was set up over three years ago, offering good value meals but more importantly a warm and welcoming shelter for the island’s most vulnerable. It is said that you enter as strangers and leave as friends.

His passion for life and for people sets him apart from most and he is an inspiration to all around him. He constantly energises those who work with him and is always on hand to offer a helping hand to anyone who visits the Café, market and the prison.

Richard’s vision for the future is to set up and run a residential community-based project for young adults in need. This is just one idea that this passionate and unique priest, along with his team of 70 helpers, work tirelessly towards as well as fundraising and producing a newsletter. Richard the priest, in dog-collar and running shorts, is a man who has devoted his life to the care of the most disadvantaged in Guernsey. With his energy and enthusiasm, he has helped and inspired many to lead more fulfilling lives.

The Judges were impressed by the impact Richard has made, and continues to do so, on some of the island’s most vulnerable people.

Sandra Robilliard

Sandra was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 52 and with mixed feelings she contacted the charity Autism Guernsey. This charity has helped her through the challenges of the condition but Sandra is now a highly respected and key member of Autism Guernsey’s team. Although she struggles with many issues including sensory difficulties, Sandra volunteers tirelessly and diligently, bringing valuable insight. She feels comfortable working with those who understand and said for the first time in her life she doesn’t dread going into the working environment, being free to use her skills in creative and useful ways, without getting stressed, anxious, and worn out in the process.

The valuable skills Sandra brings to Autism Guernsey are being a creative lateral thinker and demonstrating above-average attention to detail and concentration. Sandra gives valuable feedback on the organisation’s approach and her innovative work has a huge impact on the team. She has designed data collection tools and databases, manages the Guernsey Autism Partnership website and plays an invaluable role within the Autism Framework Steering Group, as well as assisting with designing and delivering educational sessions to professionals and employers.

She has not only taken part in fundraising events herself, but has also created an autism-themed cycle ride to raise funds for the charity. One of Sandra’s many ideas was to produce informative local leaflets for the service, other professionals and agencies, and any employers and individuals impacted by autism.

Sandra has touched and enriched the lives of all those people who have met her and especially those with autism who are particularly vulnerable. By sharing her experiences she has been able to help other people understand the impact of autism.

The judges were impressed by Sandra’s tireless commitment to the charity Autism Guernsey, and by the many innovative achievements she has brought to their work.

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

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The Channel Islands Co-operative Society Limited

The Society set about creating a Vision in 2016 that reflected its core purpose of making a difference in its community. While a major chunk of commitments involved financial support, it was also very aware that true community engagement is about being involved.

The new framework has three key strands: championing key community topics, creating Society links with the community, and the Co-Op Way – encouraging principles of co-operation. The Society has assisted with a number of community projects this year by way of giving funds and produce, supporting local charities with fundraising prizes - in 2016, this was over £11,000 - organising events, a care home delivery service and much more. This was helped by investing in a community van allowing the Society to easily access more community initiatives. It also recruited a community officer, based in Guernsey, to really focus on local activities and deliver better quality outcomes.

Its core principle of trying to help as many charities, groups and projects as possible remains, with the Helping Hands fund designed to assist a diverse range of charities with smaller amounts of money.

The Society is proud to have achieved a key part of its Vision and built better links with the community, championing some key topics, and working with volunteer groups and other local organisations in a collaborative way. Specific examples include support of the St Peter Port Christmas Lights Appeal, Le Viaer Marchi, Fairtrade and promoting healthy eating with children though a Goodness Gang Garden campaign. In addition an Eco fund is designed to help those groups who want to environmentally promote and protect the islands, generated through the sale of carrier bags. Another new initiative has been a trial partnership with the Food Bank in Guernsey who collect food waste from the St Martin’s Store daily and either use on that day or freeze for later use. New links have also been made with The Youth Commission and The Women’s Refuge to initiate the same process.

Throughout the year the Society has expanded and energised its community activities in a structured and focused way.

Chosen for demonstrating a genuine passion for helping the community, for the way it has restructured and re-energised its CSR programme over the last few years, and the wide range of CSR activities in which it is involved, the winner is The Channel Islands Co-operative Society Limited.


State Street

Through State Street’s volunteering and employee engagement programmes, and the charitable grant-making arm, the State Street Foundation, State Street has supported the communities in which it operates for over 40 years. State Street’s Guernsey office has been actively supporting local charitable organizations and grassroots projects since its launch in the island in 2000.

State Street’s Matching Gift Programme is designed to enable its employees to support the charities they feel passionate about. There are three components - ‘CollectMore’ (enables staff who participate in sponsored events to have their sponsorship matched); 'GiveMore' (recognises that many staff support charities through giving cash donations and this provides another opportunity for matching); 'DoMore' (matches contributions of time donated). As well as having an annual two-day volunteering allowance that is taken during business hours, ‘DoMore’ recognizes that some staff are involved in charitable work during their own time. Staff can log all their volunteering hours and apply for a cash grant for every 16 hours donated to the same organization. Through its community investment and employee engagement programmes State Street has supported many local charities, through grants, matching gifts, sponsored events and volunteering.

Examples include Headway Guernsey, The Hub, ECOF, GSPCA, Guernsey Scouts, Guernsey Boys Brigade, Guernsey Botanical Trust and Goal50. The overall objective is to encourage staff to become more aware of and engaged in their local community and to leverage from the opportunities available to them through the programmes. This promotion and encouragement has generated a significant increase of staff involvement in State Street’s community projects.

In 2017 the Channel Islands Community Support Programme Committee received the “Office of the Year Award” from State Street’s Corporate Citizenship department as a testament to the level of their engagement and achievements. State Street Guernsey’s Community Support Programme and Volunteering Committees have demonstrated a true understanding and awareness of what community support and social responsibility is. Staff are encouraged to put forward suggestions for projects and are fully supportive of each other to ensure as many people can get involved as possible.

The judges were impressed with the CollectMore, GiveMore, DoMore elements of State Street’s programme which have increased staff engagement in CSR activities and have resulted in the Guernsey office having been recognised by State Street’s global management for its efforts.

Northern Trust

Northern Trust’s volunteering programme, Northern Trust Community Partners, is now in its sixth year. Since the beginning, they have worked hard to forge relationships with a number of local charities and community groups to provide one-day volunteering opportunities. Through this programme, they invite their employees to take two paid days out of the office each year to participate on team or personal volunteering projects. In 2016, 146 volunteers gave 970 hours of their time to the community by participating in a range of 18 environmental stewardship projects, animal welfare projects and educational initiatives.

Support for the GSPCA has seen more than 100 staff members volunteer for the charity since 2014. Through the Northern Trust Guernsey Reading Programme, Northern Trust supports Every Child our Future with 15 reading mentors helping children at Haute Capelles School to build their reading confidence and reach their key stage literacy targets. In addition to this, Northern Trust invites their employees to support disadvantaged people in the community during the festive season through their annual Seasonal Appeal, as well as fundraising for selected charities through the Northern Trust Guernsey Charitable Trust, donating tens of thousands of pounds each year.

The Charitable Trust is currently fundraising for The Hub as their Charity of the Year, as well as many other local charities. In addition, each quarter the committee selects three charities which employees can vote to support. Northern Trust also supports its community by providing voluntary advisors to Guernsey Young Enterprise, and equipped office space where student companies can meet in a professional board room environment.

Shortlisted for having demonstrated an effective CSR programme which has developed greatly in the last few years. Staff are strongly encouraged to engage in CSR activities and have a significant input into which projects are supported.

Fundraising Team of the Year Award

Fundraising Team of the Year Award

Sponsored by Cazenove Capital


Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Charitable Trust

The Trust was formed last year by military historian Chris Oliver and Lt-Col Colin Vaudin to mark the local regiment’s heroic role in the Great War during the centenary year of the notorious Battle of Cambrai, Les Rues Vertes and Lys.

In conjunction with the Guernsey Press, the ‘Guernsey’s Finest Hour’ campaign was launched to help the Trust raise an ambitious £30,000 for memorials in Guernsey and France in memory of the 327 Guernsey men killed and 667 wounded or missing in the battle.

Thanks to the RGLI Charitable Trust there will now be dedicated and maintained tributes at home and abroad, plus a means for future generations to remember the contribution of these men.

On 4th June 2017, the Trust organised a service and unveiling of the first ever memorial to the RGLI in the Town Church, together with a re-enactment march, involving local schoolchildren. An official party of dignitaries, including a Minister from France, attended, and a visiting French warship also featured in this major event.

The Guernsey’s Finest Hour campaign target of £30,000 has now been achieved, largely via public fundraising. There has been some corporate sponsorship, however Chris and Colin were particularly keen to encourage islanders, young and old, to donate whatever they could to the appeal, to ensure a true sense of ownership and to record the names of those who served, linked to their families today.

Both have also raised the profile of these activities by speaking at schools, community gatherings and associations in Guernsey, France and the UK to bring home the message of how the memorials and events belong to the people of Guernsey, the wider WW1 conflict and are a part of its culture.

The Guernsey’s Finest Hour campaign included extensive media coverage. Particularly successful was a Roll of Honour listing donors who were keen to help and where many shared the reasons for their support.

Campaigning now continues to ensure Guernsey will always have dedicated places to remember the bravery of the RGLI, and to fund a legacy scheme to ensure younger islanders will always know of their regiment’s story.

Chosen for having achieved its fundraising goals through an impressive campaign which engaged the Guernsey population from old to young, raising awareness of a significant event that should never be forgotten, the winner is the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Charitable Trust 


Warren Mauger & Philip Smith

Hundreds of islanders were inspired to take part in ‘My Epic Week’ this summer, raising more than £27,000 for This Is EPIC and Guernsey Mind. In total over 160 individuals and teams entered to take on their own challenge during the week, inspired by Warren and Philip’s enthusiasm, dedication and sheer determination. Whole schools signed up having heard Warren and Philip talk, and individuals of all ages and sporting abilities committed to play their part. Over 1,000 school chidren took part in various activities inlcluding cycling, swimming, running and triathlon.

That week Philip and Warren also took on their own phenomenal challenge of trying to complete 7 Ironman distance triathlons in 7 days, with huge local support. Each day, the pair would attempt to complete a 2.4 mile sea swim, a 112 mile bike ride followed by a marathon. Even though they did not complete the full amount, which became physically impossible to cope with owing to the lack of sleep, what was incredible was how many people turned out to support them by swimming, cycling or running alongside. The challenge in itself meant Warren and Phillip both sacrificing hours and hours of their own time over 18 months to prepare themselves for a challenge that would help other people.

Another fundraising event organised by the duo included the Y Front run, with 200 runners turning out in their best decorated Y Fronts to complete the runwhich raised £3,200 for This Is EPIC and Les Bourgs Hospice.

In addition the yearly event of the Moonlight marathon was another big success for the fundraising duo with 130 people running.

Shortlisted for having been inspirational and for having motivated many islanders to challenge themselves to get active in the name of two worthy causes.

St Peter Port Christmas Lights

St Peter Port’s Christmas lights will twinkle again this year thanks to the dedication and passion of its new fundraising team. As a team they have re-organised the way the charity is run, and communicates with the public with a clear mission and campaign. In less than 12 months they have raised sufficient fundsto cover all the costs of the Christmas lights for two years, when previously, the charity struggled to raise funding to cover one year’s costs. The total raised from September 2016 to September 2017 was an amazing £70,000.

The St Peter Port Christmas Lights Charity was formed by the Constables of St Peter Port in 2013 after the Constables and Douzaine of St Peter Port agreed to take on the responsibility of providing festive lighting in Town, but a change of direction was required this year after a vote that ratepayers shouldn’t have to contribute towards the costs. The charity was rebranded and taken on by the Robin family. The new mission was to get the community of Guernsey to provide the funds collectively for the St Peter Port Christmas Lights each year for all to enjoy.

As a team they are aware that fundraising for the St Peter Port Christmas lights needs to be year round and not just in the run up to Christmas when people are feeling festive. A multi-media campaign expressing the need for funding and being open and honest about the operating costs has helped to communicate the plight in clearer terms. Community initatives with Guernsey Post and the Channel Islands Co-Operative have been successful and have contributed, along with other fundraising activities such as the Buy-a-Bulb campaign, towards enabling the committee to keep Guernsey’s main town vibrant at Christmas, encouraging people to visit, and keeping it alive for future generations.

The Judges were impressed by how the new committee engaged the community and turned around the funding situation for the St Peter Port Christmas Lights in a short period of time, exceeding their fundraising goals and ensuring that the lights will continue to shine.

Organising Committee of the Year Award

Organising Committee of the Year Award

Sponsored by RG Falla


Saffery Rotary Walk

The Saffery Rotary Walk is now more than 20 years old and is arguably the most prominent and most iconic charitable event in the Guernsey calendar. As a pre-eminent fundraising effort it is recognised and respected by many charitable organisations and indeed their sponsors - not only those that have been beneficiaries in the past but those which hope to benefit in the future. Over the last 20 years around 7,000 people have participated in the Walk and more than £600,000 has been raised for local charities.

2017 has been a truly record breaking year in the history of the Walk, with funds raised of £85,430, 28 charities benefitting from money raised, over 900 walkers taking on the 39 mile challenge, and the widest possible inclusion of walkers from the Guernsey community.

This year saw a new partnership with the Guernsey Disability Alliance which provided their members with a customised check-in, lower fee, and choice of three different routes, all of whom crossed the finish line. Other innovations were the Race Nation walker scanning, the introduction of walking in relay teams and “Walking in memory” of a former walker.

While the Walk takes place on just one day each year it is not surprising that behind the scenes a highly energised and dedicated committee is working year-round to organise, plan, refresh and innovate. This ensures that the Saffery Rotary Walk remains top of mind, aspirational and inspirational for hundreds of islanders and an increasing number of off-island participants. The committee’s work never stops and takes a large number of people many hours to organise through-out the year. A network of more than 75 volunteers is also invaluable on the day of the walk itself.

Chosen for having had a record-breaking year introducing several innovations, for being particularly successful in engaging with the community, and for having widened their remit to become more inclusive following their partnership with the Guernsey Disability Alliance, the winner is Saffery Rotary Walk.


Guernsey Literary Festival

The May 2017 Guernsey Literary Festival provided a cultural highlight for islanders with a mix of talks and workshops by well-known fiction and non-fiction writers and performers from the UK, France and the USA, as well as the Channel Islands. The registered charity and steering group who organised the festival comprises a group of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the year on the festival. They seek no reward or recognition, but give their time and energy as they have a passion to share the written word as well as to inspire people young and old to develop a love of reading and writing.

The educational events, prison talks and community initiatives demonstrate their vision to reach out to the whole community with a diverse programme that appeals to all, from bookworms and aspiring writers to families looking for a fun day out. This is reflected in the record success of this year’s festival with 6,000 attendees, an overall increase of 26%.

There were 18 educational events, 17 of which were in schools and organised by the steering group with the assistance of the Schools’ Library Service, involving 12 writers and performers going into schools over the four days of the Festival. There was also a record number of entries in the Guernsey International Poetry Competition, which is open to poets from all over the world and carries a £1,000 first prize, and in the WriteStuff prose writing competition for local schoolchildren.

To enable all these community events to take place the steering group reached out to local businesses and organisations and gained support from a record number of 13 festival sponsors and 35 partner organisations. Fifty volunteers were involved this year, in a wide range of tasks associated with a festival of this size.

Shortlisted for its success in reaching out to the whole community through its inclusive programme of literary events, behind which is a dedicated team of volunteers.

Guernsey Parkrun Organising Committee

Guernsey Parkrun has become a regular part of many islanders’ lives, thanks to its organising committee which formed two years ago. To bring the free event, which is a global fitness initiative, to fruition, they researched appropriate venues, went on trial runs, visited other parkruns, set up all the appropriate paperwork and equipment and undertook and ran training for all those involved. All this was done with considerable hard work and commitment, but also a sense of fun and purpose. The committee’s passion and dedication for Guernsey Parkrun has enabled it to be a regular feature of Saturday mornings.

A total of 77 events have taken place, attracting each week on average 100 people. The youngest participant is four years old (unless you count toddlers piggybacking on their parents!) and the oldest has been in their 80s, with the aim of the 5km timed run, jog or walk, to be open to everyone regardless of ability, with participants timing themselves using personal barcodes so they can track their own progress. Guernsey Parkrun has grown organically, mainly through word of mouth, which is a testament to the value placed on it by the local community.

The committee has established a good working partnership with the Vale Commons Council, who are supportive of Guernsey Parkrun’s continuous use of the commons. All commons users are respected and the Parkrun committee work with the Commons Council to minimise the wear and tear on the common –even filling in rabbit holes and providing general maintenance on the common when needed.

Volunteers are a big part of Parkrun and are needed each week to ensure a safe and well-run event. The volunteers also bring a great deal to the parkrun community with their encouragement and presence.

Every week Guernsey Parkrun also welcomes visitors from far and wide, even as far as Australia! The visiting participants always comment on what a beautiful place Guernsey is, and what a wonderful welcome they receive at Guernsey Parkrun.

The Judges were impressed by the commitment of the team volunteers behind Parkrun which has quickly become established as a well supported and inclusive community event.

Innovation Award

Innovation Award

Sponsored by Specsavers


Headway Guernsey

Headway has been nominated for being the driving force behind an innovative partnership with the Committee for Health and Social Care (HSC) and the charity Pink Ladies. Over the course of almost three years, Headway’s executive director lobbied Deputies, HSC managers and the neurological team, bringing all sides together to support the need for an extra resource to develop services for islanders living with and recovering from serious brain injury. In addition, talking to the oncology team and with Pink Ladies, they also identified a need for an assistant psychologist to work alongside the sole clinical neurological psychologist. It was clear throughout this process that HSC were not in a position to fund this post but would consider part funding (in essence 1 day a week). Hence the need to be driven forward by Headway.

Headway sought funding for the post, putting together a persuasive proposal, where three years funding for Headway’s part (2 days a week) was secured. The Pink Ladies also secured their funding and HSC committed to part-funding. The new assistant psychologist started in September 2016, working 1 day for HSC, 2 days for Pink Ladies at the hospital and 2 days a week at Headway House. The effects of the new role have surpassed expectations and have led to seamless transition of care from HSC services into Headway services, improved links with HSC, rejuvenated the Acute Brain Injury Pathway and has allowed Headway to extend their provision of direct services to individuals, which help re-train the brain and teach lost and new skills to members and provide support to their carers.

This shared role and relationship between two charities and the public sector is a real example of how various organisations can work towards a common goal by being creative and forward thinking. This project model has been presented on various platforms as a way forward for third sector and public partnerships. The drive, commitment and dogged determination of Headway to see this project through to a successful conclusion is testament to the strength of the charitable sector and the professionalism and credibility of Headway.

Chosen for having vigorously and successfully campaigned to forge an innovative partnership to deliver a new invaluable service which benefits both the service users and providers alike, the winner is Headway Guernsey


St Andrew's Floral Group

In 2015 the St Andrew’s Floral Group launched their community project ‘Going Wild at the GSPCA’ to adapt the grounds of the GSPCA’s Animal Shelter to attract wildlife and provide a more therapeutic environment for the animals in care. The project grew beyond all expectations and became known as the ‘Metamorphosis’ project, widening its original aims to help establish the GSPCA as a visitor attraction and educational centre.

The project has been a real challenge for the small Floral Group of fifteen volunteers and therefore they have had to work in partnership with many other volunteer groups to advance the project. The original intention to repair and improve the pond, seemingly a straightforward task at the outset, turned into a major feat of engineering requiring heavy equipment and expertise. There are now two interconnecting ponds with a bog garden all fed by springs and run-off from the buildings. Thousands of trees, shrubs and plants have drastically changed the landscape.

As more parties became involved each added their own input and creativity, taking the original simple concept to a different level, and changing the emphasis and scale. Funding this massive undertaking was demanding and required much innovation. Funding and donations of materials was bolstered by pro bono labour from professional companies , along with discounted rates, and vital free manpower via CSR volunteers, the Community and Environmental Project Scheme (CEPS)Team and Community Service team, together estimated to be worth the equivalent of around £40,000.

Working with Social Security’s CEPS team and the offenders within the Community Service has brought additional benefits, with 5 members of the CEPS team successfully securing new employment after gaining confidence and skills whilst on site.

The formation of the Poison Garden has been a further innovation, created to raise awareness of the many plants that are toxic to pets.

For the GSPCA, the improved grounds give an extra reason for the public to visit the site, and visitors are happy to pay a small fee which improves income for the charity. The grounds are now so much more attractive and welcoming for the benefit of the staff and visitors. The metamorphosis of the GSPCA has been extensive and successful, not only physically on site but with great benefits for all those involved.

Shortlisted for having successfully completed a complex project involving partnership working between many different stakeholders.

ECOF Bright Beginnings

Every Child Our Future established the Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre in the former St Sampson’s Infant School, which opened in April this year. The Centre works with pre-school children and parents and is the only charitable organisation in Guernsey working under the umbrella of the 1001 Critical Days Agenda, a vision and cross-party manifesto for the provision of services for the early years, from conception to age two. Research clearly demonstrates that early experiences shape a baby’s brain development and has a lifelong impact on a baby’s emotional, mental and physical health.

The Centre offers a universal provision, included in which is targeted support for families with additional needs. The nursery/pre-school receives funding from Employment and Social Security for 100 hours of attendance per week.

The Centre offers a variety of activities and works in partnership with statutory servies, the third sector and other agencies. Statutory activities that take place in the Centre include a breastfeeding clinic, a post-natal pilates class, health visitor support and a speech and language therapy drop-in session. Groups using the facility include Action for Children which offer a young parents programme, the National Autistic Society and the Guille Alles Library. Within the centre signposting and support services are on offer, and there is a volunteer-run community café open daily, giving a space for families to meet and build informal social networks.

This is just the start for Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre’s journey. It is providing a new way of working to change parents’ perceptions about accessing parenting support and to build co-working between agencies for the benefit of families and ultimately the island community. This multi-agency approach enables families to easily access different strands of support, ensuring more effective, efficient and focused provision of services without duplication.

The Judges were impressed by the services offered and achievements of the new Centre, unique in the island, in such a short period of time since its opening.

Youth Award

Youth Award

Sponsored by Guernsey Electricity


Katie Sheppard

Katie,19, has been working with Caritas Community LBG for five years. This is quite a commitment and is especially praise-worthy since she has had to contend with quite significant adversity. She persists through difficult times and always does as much as she can to help others.

Katie’s first involvement with Caritas was to help sell vegetables at the Farmers’ Market as part of her ASDAN Award Scheme. Katie continued to work regularly for the charity and became a trustworthy, conscientious andreliable member of the team. She is delightfully cheerful and many customers have built up a lovely rapport with her over the years.

Katie has contributed to the work of the charity in many ways, including baking cakes and supporting work in the Community Café, and has also been responsible for masterminding and organising three fundraising quizzes, helping raise approximately £3,000. She is extremely well organised and able to communicate with everybody involved at various levels. Even though Katie started her intensive Open University degree last year, she continues to help at the Farmers’ Market on a regular basis.
Katie also volunteers with children’s groups at Holy Trinity Church and at St Mary and St Michael's Catholic Primary School.

Chosen for her long term consistent commitment to a charity, where she has used her initiative in a number of ways whilst overcoming her own personal adversity, the winner is Katie Sheppard.


Sarah Kirby

Sarah is an exceptional volunteer at the GSPCA, where she has worked for four years giving 1000’s of hours of help.

Sarah is now extending her passion and knowledge of animals by studying zoology at university.

While still at school, Sarah dedicated many hours at the shelter after school, at weekends and in her holidays to help care for the animals. Sarah has never shyed away from any job, helping in the many departments and often working long hours. In caring for the animals, exercising them and cleaning them out, she was always happy to help the team doing any task, in what can be a very emotional environment with many animals coming into the shelter’s care sick or injured, or having suffered cruelty.

This summer during her break from university the shelter decided to enlist Sarah as a summer member of staff and she shone like a star, often working extra hours as a volunteer and supporting the charity with numerous events, including entertaining more than 40 UK animal charities who were visiting the island.

Her passion for animal care and dedication to the GSPCA went above and beyond what would have been expected of a young volunteer. Sarah now hopes to pursue an animal care career.

Shortlisted for having shown dedication to the GSPCA above and beyond what would normally have been expected of a young volunteer.

Macie Ceillam

Macie is a young person who has overcome great adversity. She has just finished school and performed well beyond her own expectations and that of others with her GCSE results, achieving an amazing 5 C’s, 2 B’s and an A*. With this Macie was offered a place at the Grammar School Sixth Form Centre.

Macie began attending The Space Youth Centre around a year ago and, after a turbulent start at the club, Macie has matured into one of the most reliable and kind hearted young people at the club, who will go out of her way to help those in their hour of need. She is often seen as a champion for younger members of the club.

Macie also participated in a project to create a website for the Crime Prevention Panel and has started working at a café in a residential home. She has enjoyed working with her customers and realised that this is something she would like to do as a career. As a result, she has now decided to take up a course at the College of FE so that she can pursue a qualification in her chosen career of working with older people.

The judges were impressed by the signicifant adversity that Macie has had to overcome to achieve academic success and the focus she has shown in pursuing her chosen career.

Special Award

Special Award

Presented by the Guernsey Community Foundation


Jurat Stephen Jones

Jurat Stephen Jones has made an outstanding contribution to the island community for over 30 years. One of his significant contributions is sitting on the Board of Directors of the Chest and Heart LBG for 14 years. He was a trustee of the original association and latterly treasurer, but also provides ideas about potential service development and fundraising for the charity. He played a very significant role in advice and administration when the Association became an LBG, ensuring a smooth transition not least due to his expert guidance and hard work correlating all the necessary documentation and procedures.

Another significant contribution has been his service of more than 20 years to the Guernsey Cheshire Homes, where he has provided bookkeping, fundraising and payroll services and also acted as Treasurer and then hands-on Chair. Stephen restructured the format of the committee with skill and sensitvity, making it more focused and effective. His passion, integrity and leadership skills meant that the Home was always considered a happy one, where people with disabilities have been given an opportunity to be as independant as they can.

As Trustee of the Lloyds Bank Foundation of the Channel Islands from 2009 and as Chair from 2011-2015 Stephen led the Foundation in its work to strengthen the voluntary sectors across both Guernsey and Jersey, investing up to £1 million a year to deserving causes.

He has played a pivotal role in Help a Guernsey Child for over 10 years, a charity set up to help young people and their families, where he has contributed to a sustainable funding future as well as ensuring that the often small grants and welfare payments made by the charity go directly to those that need them most, going out of his way to provide that very personal support and service.

Far from taking it easier as his responsibilities as a Jurat continue to grow, Stephen accepted the role of Director of Guernsey Employment Trust in 2015 and took on the additional responsibility as Chairman of the Management Committee. Stephen has provided invaluable support to the team during the launch of a new and transformative service which has improved the outcomes for those with disabilities seeking employment.

Stephen has been inspirational in giving his time, energy and expertise to many local charities and his advice is held in very high regard.

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