The Community Awards

The Community Awards celebrate the local charities, organisations, groups, individuals and businesses who work tirelessly to raise money and embark on community projects for the benefit of others, across the Bailiwick and further afield.

2018 winners and shortlisted nominee are detailed below.

Charity of the Year

Charity of the Year

Sponsored by State Street


Guernsey Mind

Guernsey Mind’s vision is of a society that has a positive attitude towards mental wellbeing and where the community embraces respect for all. It works towards this by promoting positive mental health for all Islanders and raising awareness of mental health issues. Their services focus on preventing poor mental health, encouraging knowledge and choice about how to manage mental wellbeing and promoting healthy attitudes towards seeking help. They expect mental health and physical health to be treated equally.

Guernsey Mind provides a range of services for mental health in the workplace - aiming to ensure that every employer in the Bailiwick understands and effectively manages mental wellbeing. In the last year the Employee Wellbeing Service has trained 944 members of staff and 32 different companies in mental health awareness and managing mental health in the workplace - far beyond their expectations, training double the amount they had aimed for. They have also trained 150 people to be Mental Health First Aiders.

Guernsey Mind’s Community Services include the 80 strong Hope Singers Choir, 10 weekly Walk and Talkers, 13 self-help groups supporting 175 people per week at the Lions Mind Community Centre and 100 people supported individually in 2017/18. Their campaigns raise awareness by engaging local champions to discuss important issues and highlight local services. Their current campaigns include Team Talk, Stop Male Suicide (SMS), Express Yourself and 1,000 Minds. The SMS champions video has had over 22,000 views online and 220 people signed up as 1,000 Minds champions in 2018. They also partnered with Mind Jersey and Deloitte in a pan-Island Time to Talk attitude survey and launched Mind in Alderney offering training and individual support through monthly visits. The Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan for Guernsey and Alderney 2017-2020, which they were commissioned to write by the States of Guernsey, was published in 2017.

Guernsey Mind is working in partnership with the States of Guernsey to ensure that the cross community Plan is delivered effectively. Guernsey Mind is increasingly reaching one of its key objectives to become a hub for mental health and wellbeing in the Bailiwick.


Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation

In operation for 15 years, the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation (‘PPBF’) supports premature babies, sick children and their families in times of need. The charity has supported around 800 babies or sick children and their families. In Guernsey, these families have been helped by PPBF which has purchased 2 new incubator units, a brain scanner, breast pumps, 2 feeding chairs, a portable jaundice diagnostic machine, a resuscitation baby doll for staff training and provided information leaflets for the neonatal unit. The PPBF also supplies baby boxes to all new premature babies which cover essentials for both baby and parents. The charity has also supplied Guernsey’s neonatal unit with new technology in the form of an iPad and vCreate, whose video application allows nurses to record special moments that might previously have been missed by parents.

Further to the expensive and specialist equipment provided in Guernsey, the charity’s other major activity is providing the families of ill or premature babies with accommodation in Southampton for the duration of their treatment there. The charity now owns 2 properties next to Southampton Hospital – Isaac’s Pad, gifted to PPBF in 2013, and Aggie’s Burrow which opened late last year. With Isaac’s Pad not able to cope with the demand for accommodation, PPBF decided to embark on a huge fundraising campaign called ‘Buy a Brick’ which raised over £270,000 and secured the second property. These safe havens are walking distance from the hospital and provide parents with somewhere to keep their families together during very difficult times. Both properties now have high occupancy rates. Awarded The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2015 ,amongst other accolades, the charity continues to provide essential comfort and support to families in need in both Guernsey and Southampton.

Shortlisted for having provided invaluable support to so many families during the most difficult of times, this treasured charity is dear to many Islanders’ hearts.

St John Guernsey

St John Guernsey aims to improve the lives of everyone in our Community. The charity supports quality of life by providing an excellent life-saving first aid service, care in our community and the opportunity for personal development through volunteering. St John Guernsey provides first aid and community care to islanders via Event Medical cover, Cycle Responder Unit, Community First Responders, Youth service and a Library, with new services in line with the States Partnership of Purpose being planned for the future.

The charity has been through a number of changes over the last few years, but with the new structure almost finalised, the volunteers are right at the heart of its operations and have a huge role to play in the future of the charity. St John Guernsey now covers roughly 150 events per year and so far in 2018 volunteers have completed some 1500 hours of purely event cover. The Cycle Responder Unit, sponsored by G4S, also attends events around the island such as the Channel Island Pride March. St John Guernsey covers a range of events varying from school fetes to Liberation Day. In the last 12 months the organisation has attracted over 30 new volunteer applications.

The St John Community First Responder Scheme is jointly run with the Emergency Ambulance Service, with 35 Community First Responders (CFRs) currently trained. The CFRs respond to certain Priority 1 calls to assist the Emergency Ambulance Service and improve patient outcomes. The CFRs are volunteers who usually have the support of their employer, which enables them to drop everything, grab their kit and respond to a call which could be around the corner. Every minute counts and by being on scene a few minutes earlier can help save a life. The revamped Youth sections have a new curriculum in place, with roughly 70 under 18s attending weekly sessions. St John Guernsey has keen and enthusiastic Youth Leaders who deliver fun and educational activities. The Badgers and Cadets learn important first aid skills, as well as life skills and have the opportunity for personal development.

The St John Library at the Rohais opens every Tuesday and supplies a wide range of small and large print books. On average our library volunteers deliver 240 books a month to 14 residential homes and community groups as well as sending 70 large print books to La Nouvelle Maritaine Community Library.

The Judges were impressed by the community involvement of a large number of volunteers who collectively offer vital support to both individuals and locally held events.

Outstanding Individual Achievement Award

Outstanding Individual Achievement Award

Sponsored by PwC


Jon Honour

Jon has been the Chair of the Guernsey Welfare Service (‘GWS’) since 2011 and, by channelling his passion for supporting the needs of those on low incomes he has helped to substantially expand the services delivered to those in need by GWS. In doing so he has significantly raised its profile thereby increasing awareness of its initiatives and making them more accessible to a wider range of people.

In 2012, Jon initiated and oversaw a strategic relocation of the charity’s premises from St Martin’s Community Centre to Holy Trinity Church in St Peter Port. This move has brought many benefits to the charity’s service users as the new location is more centrally located and closer to other services.
In 2013, Jon oversaw the creation of one of Guernsey’s food banks. Having knowledge of a UK food bank model, Jon saw that there was a need for something similar on the island. This was especially true as single people under 65 were not always able to be assisted by GWS’ model at that time as its main focus was on food vouchers and single-parent families.

The food bank has allowed GWS help a greater number and broader base of people. It has facilitated the collection of a greater number of donations from all sections of the public via established collection points. GWS is now giving away around £25,000 worth of food annually. The food bank has also enabled GWS to work in partnership with other organisations more efficiently with other agencies and charities being given access to the food bank for their clients when necessary.
Jon has led on the implementation of the Linking Lives Visiting Scheme – a befriending project for isolated older people - the Parent Empowerment Project and is working towards the implementation of Nightstop, due to launch soon. Nightstop will provide emergency overnight accommodation with host families, for up to three nights, for young people who have nowhere else to go.


Ann Wragg

Ann has been heavily involved with a wide range of community projects over the years. She has volunteered extensively at the GSPCA and with the St Andrew’s Floral Group where she latterly led the Group. Ann has helped increase interest in volunteering with the GSCPA in recent years and has been personally involved with the recruitment of a significant number of new volunteers. Ann’s organisational skills have been instrumental in the GSPCA securing grants from a number of sources, including Insurance Corporation, RBC and the Co-op Eco Fund, and helping the GSCPA win awards and recognition from the Guernsey Floral Group. Ann’s commitment and skill was instrumental in acquiring sponsors for a significant GSPCA project, the Poison Garden and pond area - a project which included building decking around the pond, and informative leaflets for pet owners to explain the risks of certain plant species to their animals. The volunteer work Ann has managed to secure for this project is estimated to have had a commercial value equivalent to approx. £30,000.

Equally down to Ann, is a new relationship between the GSPCA and Guernsey Beekeepers’ Association who now have their apiary on site at the GSPCA and use it to teach their members, and anyone interested, about beekeeping. In addition to her work for the GSCPA and St Andrew’s Floral Group, Ann played a crucial role in launching the Floral Guernsey Magical Days in the Park, the event held bi-annually in Saumarez Park, to which all primary schools send their students. Ann has also been heavily involved with the Little Chapel Project, and has helped recruit many volunteers to that cause. She has used her environmental knowledge to act as a judge on award panels for primary schools.

Ann has been shortlisted for her sustained dedication to a wide range of community causes which have made inspiring and tangible differences over the course of her long involvement.

Karen Girdlestone

In February of 2017, Karen re-launched FrOGs (Friends of GROW Limited) and is acting as its Chair. The committee had been dormant for several decades and Karen has led the successful effort to revive it. From a standing start, she has recruited a Committee of 10 and a team of some fifty supporters, organised branding for the FrOGs team and sourced a variety of merchandise items for the team to use at fundraising events. GROW Limited is a Guernsey charity which provides training and a safe, sheltered work environment in horticulture for people with learning disabilities.

Karen has lent her formidable organisational skills to FrOGs and since its revamp has organised over 30 public events to raise the profile of GROW Limited in the local community. She has helped raise approx. £17,000 since she re-launched FrOGs and is now gearing up for the major task of fundraising for the GROW Redevelopment Appeal. Community work has long been important to Karen. Prior to moving to Guernsey, Karen was a voluntary educational speaker for the Blue Cross Animal Sanctuary in the UK. In her first few years in Guernsey from 2009, Karen regularly volunteered at the Cheshire Home, to assist the less able residents at lunchtimes and assisted at the British Red Cross shop. She currently is heavily involved at the GSPCA, and has spent a year on the KGV fundraising committee. Karen can often be spotted at flag days for various charities, and has previously volunteered at Caritas, and, in 2016, as a lead walker for Riding for the Disabled.

Due to her energy and commitment, the Directors of GROW Limited have appointed her a Director of the company. Karen’s enthusiasm has endeared her to GROW Limited’s disabled attendees as well as inspiring staff and volunteers alike.

The Judges were impressed by Karen’s achievements with FrOGs in such a short period of time, alongside her other charitable commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Sponsored by RBC Wealth Management


Investec Guernsey

Investec - Guernsey Office’s corporate sustainability efforts focus on addressing social and environmental issues. They seek to create a long-term, positive impact on the local community and so partner with organisations for three years or more, supporting them through volunteering and financial donations. They have worked extensively with two ‘social priority schools’, Amherst Primary School and La Mare de Carteret Primary School (‘La Mare’). In recent years La Mare, where over 25% of pupils receive a school uniform allowance, have been the focus of Investec’s efforts.

During the two and half years of partnership, Investec has donated over £10,000 which covers costs for extra teaching materials and to support valuable off island educational trips. Investec employees have volunteered almost 1000 hours (over 160 school days) during work hours, which equates to over £45,000 worth of time, which is tracked and the impact of the partnership evaluated by a part time employee with responsibility for the CSR programme.

Their specific objective at La Mare is to provide a hands-on contribution, helping to educate, develop pupils at the school and to help them fulfil the school motto to ‘enjoy, learn and succeed’. There is one Investec team member at La Mare for at least one hour every day of the school year.

Initiatives currently supported are the Breakfast Club, Coding Club, Outdoor Learning and Gardening Club and Maths Passport Testing: raising standards of attainment in numeracy is one of the main drivers in the school’s plan for improvement. During the two and a half years of Investec’s current partnership with La Mare the attainment of the children has improved significantly. The numbers of children achieving Level 2b+ has increased from 67% in 2016 to 77% in 2018 and the numbers of higher attaining children has also increased from 18% to 23%. In KS2 attainment at Level 4b+ has risen from 63% to 70%. Investec’s efforts have also enabled students to go on a school trip to France. Both staff and children have spoken very highly of Investec’s work at La Mare.



Barclays Bank PLC, Guernsey Branch

Barclays Bank PLC – Guernsey Branch (‘Barclays’) launched its Shared Growth Ambition in 2016. This strategy has been the focal point of its Guernsey CSR activities. The strategy is built around three pillars: Access to Digital Empowerment, Access to Finance and Access to Employment. In 2018 Barclays has launched both the Eagle Lab at the Digital Greenhouse, a space for community projects and others to access IT resources, and the Later Life skills programme which focuses on building the digital acumen of more vulnerable older islanders, to raise awareness of cyber security. Barclays has also partnered with Action for Children for 4 years and for 2018 secured £44,000 worth
of investment for initiatives to help young people with employability skills. This investment seeks to improve the employability skills of 375 disadvantaged young people in Guernsey by funding an Employability Coordinator. They provide up-skilling sessions, with the aim of building confidence, helping the young people gain qualifications and supporting them into employment through volunteering and work experience.

They also run the Student Business Challenge, an annual event involving teams working with mentors to create and run a business over a ten-week period. Each team is given a loan of £100 by Barclays and this year 30 teams entered. They collectively generated £13,577.94 net profit, of which £3414.99 was donated to local charities including Guernsey Mind, GSPCA and Les Bourgs.

The Judges were impressed by the range of Barclay’s CSR programmes, from developing older people’s skills to providing initiatives for disadvantaged young people through its strong support of Action for Children.

State Street Guernsey

There are two key elements to State Street Guernsey’s CSR programme delivery: community investment through the grants programme, supporting charities in the area of education with an emphasis on workforce development and employability, and employee engagement through the volunteering and matching gifts programmes.
Within matching gifts there are three components designed to promote staff awareness and engagement in community events and activities: ‘CollectMore’ enables staff who participate in sponsored events to have their individual fund-raising matched; ‘GiveMore’ supports staff that make personal cash donations to a chosen charity and this provides another opportunity to double their giving power; 'DoMore' matches donation of volunteer time – for every 16 hours accumulated with a charity, staff are eligible to apply for a cash grant payable to that charity. This last component supplements the annual two day (16 hours) allocation that State Street gives to all permanent employees – staff can leverage from this allowance during the working week but it is recognised that many are involved with charitable work in their own time. The DoMore component enables staff to log all volunteer time and be eligible for a cash grant after 16 hours donated to one charity.

Over the past ten years State Street Guernsey has awarded grant funding to charities, such as Headway, assisted with the launch of new charitable projects such as The Hub, and Every Child Our Future. Funding has also been given to the Guernsey Boys Brigade, Bailiwick of Guernsey Scouts, the North Youth Centre and others. The giving of time is a core part of State Street’s CSR initiatives. In the last year, State Street staff have given nearly 400 hours to support eight local charitable organisations. Considering that State Street have a local staff of 30 this is an amazing achievement, equalling over 16 hours per person.

Examples of State Street Guernsey’s CSR work from the last year include working with the Channel Islands Occupation Society on a site clearance project, assisting on the Saffery Champness Rotary walk and work with the Youth Commission and Guernsey Botanical Trust. In the case of the latter two organisations, State Street Guernsey provided the co-ordination for a successful collaborative project. State Street Guernsey, with a view to building the long-term capacity of the charitable sector, has also provided funding to support the GSPCA with the launch of its NVQ training and the introduction of its Community and Training Officer role

Shortlisted for having such a high involvement of staff in CSR activities, which are clearly embedded within the company’s ethos, and for their projects having long lasting effects on the local community.

Fundraising Team of the Year Award

Fundraising Team of the Year Award

Sponsored by Cazenove Capital


Ernie's Angels

This new charity aims to support children and young people who have been given a terminal diagnosis, and their families. The focus of the charity is specifically on covering expenses for palliative and respite care and also assistance with funeral expenses caused by illness or accident of a child in the Bailiwick, thereby providing financial relief and sympathy to families at an incredibly difficult time. Ernie’s Angels differs from other children’s cancer charities in that they focus specifically on the time after a terminal diagnosis has been given. The charity was set up in memory of Ernie, the founder’s inspirational son, who sadly passed away from leukaemia last year. A unique fundraising campaign launched the charity, when Ernie’s (im)mature cheese went on sale just before Christmas 2017 with all profits going to the charity. Regular trips to the Guernsey Dairy, thanks to Ernie’s love of cheese, forged a lifelong bond between Ernie and the Guernsey Dairy’s Production team. Approximately 3,000 packs of Ernie’s cheese were produced and sold in a number of retail outlets, at short notice, across the Island.

The fundraising campaign was embraced by the local community and the whole batch sold out by the end of February. The Dairy donated 100% of its operating margin to Ernie’s Angels and staff willingly volunteered to give up their free time to pack and label the cheese in order to maximise the return with a total of over £2,500 being raised. The charity has already helped two families who have needed unexpected support and financial assistance at a most devastating time. The charity is continuing its fundraising efforts and plans an annual event in June around the date of Ernie’s birthday. Ernie’s legacy will now live on with the families the charity assists



Trevor Mahy & Family

Trevor was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2017 and underwent many treatments both here and in Southampton. Throughout all of the treatment and whilst coping with severe pain Trevor maintained a wonderful positive attitude, even when it was confirmed that his cancer has spread and the only treatment available to maintain the tumours is chemotherapy. During his chemotherapy sessions, Trevor decided that he wanted to give something back to The Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief which had provided the family with invaluable assistance for trips to and from Southampton.

Trevor set about organising a significant fundraising event called ‘Fairies to Fishes’, consisting of an 18 mile walk from the Fairy Ring at Pleinmont along the west and north coasts to Town, finishing at the aquarium. The walk became an opportunity for many others to join him, many of whom had either been touched or affected by cancer. He received really welcome support from the public and crossed the finishing line with over 20 others who joined him along the way. His initial aim was to raise £1,200, but this was raised before the walk had even begun. It has now been confirmed that Trevor, together with support from his family who carried collection buckets on the walk, managed to raise over £8,000 for the charity. They are proud that other families will benefit from their efforts and Trevor’s inspiring attitude and now plan to make ‘Fairies to Fishes’ an annual fundraising event.

Shortlisted for having been an inspiration to many, and for the team having surpassed their initial fundraising targets.

Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation

The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation supports premature babies, sick children and their families in times of need. Now in its 15th year, the charity has raised nearly £1 million. Funds have been used to buy expensive specialist equipment for the neonatal unit in Guernsey such as incubators and a portable jaundice diagnostic machine and also for items to assist families during this difficult time such as baby boxes. However, the majority of funds have gone towards the other area of the PPBF’s work - providing accommodation to families whilst their premature baby or sick child is receiving treatment at Southampton Hospital. Initially the PPBF maintained and ran one flat, next door to the neo-natal unit, which was gifted to the charity,. However, after being in constant use and sadly having to turn people away, the PPBF set itself the task of fundraising at least £150,000 to purchase another similar property.

The "Buy a Brick" was launched and with the support of the community and hard work from the PPBF team, over £270,000 was raised to purchase a new property. The Buy a Brick campaign encouraged people to purchase a virtual ‘brick’ at the property and as a thank you supporters have their name on the Wall of Fame of the property. Now known as Aggie’s Burrow, the home opened in November 2017. The properties give families a place to be together and a chance to take some time out during the rounds of treatments and hospital visits, yet still able to be back on the ward within minutes. They also provide the opportunity for other family members to visit and offer their support; for siblings to stay and be with their parents. As each property is so close to the hospital some babies and children are discharged for short periods of time to stay in the property or indeed prior to returning to Guernsey, something which wouldn't previously have been possible. The PPBF team continues its fundraising efforts to pay for the running costs of the properties and for new initiatives with the neonatal unit in Guernsey.

The judges were impressed with the successful fundraising campaigns to make the second home in Southampton a reality, and with the team’s continuing hard work to raise funds for ongoing costs

Organising Committee of the Year Award

Organising Committee of the Year Award

Sponsored by RG Falla


Floral Forest

Floral Forest was formed 21 years ago to help enhance the parish for locals and visitors alike. The team has represented the Bailiwick in this year’s national finals of the Royal Horticultural Society Britain in Bloom campaign, having won the gold award in last year’s Floral Guernsey Community Competition. Entries for the national finals are judged on horticultural excellence, environmental responsibility and community engagement. Around 1,500 communities take part each year with about 70 going forward to the national finals in 11 different categories. Under the leadership of Sarah Plumley, who has developed ongoing projects as well as initiating several new ones, a great sense of team work has been fostered resulting in some 3,500 voluntary hours during the year.

Team work is especially evident with the Forest Wombles – a group of 16 dedicated ladies who are responsible for deadheading the many parish displays. Floral Forest has made every effort to engage with the community, especially with schools such as Forest Primary School and Le Rondin School & Centre and youth groups such as 17th Guernsey Forest Brownies and Forest Methodist Church Sunday School. As part of this work they have run competitions to promote wildlife and conservation.

The team have completed a number of horticultural projects including community gardening projects, encouraging recycling, greening communal and commercial spaces, and encouraging conservation and biodiversity. They also ran private open gardens, a ‘Music on the Cliffs’ event and other competitions in order to fundraise for the expenses of the floral projects with other charities also benefiting. On 19th October at the national Britain in Bloom event, it was confirmed that the team had won gold in the Large Village category, a fitting tribute to their dedication and fabulous displays.


GSPCA: Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday

The annual Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday, now in its 7th year, is a community event celebrating animals, animal welfare and also the achievements of the GSPCA itself. It was held on 20th May and had to be set up, run and packed away on a very tight schedule and with a limited budget. Organised by a small team at the GSPCA, on top of their 24/7 responsibilities, the event also had around 100 volunteers to assist with the organisation and activities on the day. This family fun event has become the biggest in the charity’s calendar. This year there were over 100 stall holders representing vets, local charities and businesses, a total which was twice as many as the previous year. Collectively over £6,000 was raised which goes towards running the several vital services that the GSPCA provides to local animals in need. Apart from raising funds, the main focus is raising awareness of the importance of animal welfare and providing information on Guernsey pets and wildlife. This year’s event also resulted in many animals in GSPCA’s care finding new homes and several new volunteers joining the GSPCA. It was estimated that around 7,000-10,000 people attended the event.

Shortlisted for having engaged such a large amount of support from the community and for having had so much success with raising funds; increasing volunteers; raising awareness and even finding animals homes

Future Generations

Earlier this year, a group of local young people, Pieter Durman, Tom Rylatt, Tom Harvey, Adam Sparkes , James Thompson and Cameron Ashplant joined forces to come up with a plan to deliver a high-profile community conference, aimed at exploring environmental impacts facing Guernsey and society at large. The event, which the group christened Future Generations, went ahead in March at St James.

The group curated, promoted and hosted the event themselves, leveraging support from across the community including securing the venue, sponsorship from the private and third sectors and the participation of many high-profile speakers. They engaged with local civil servants, politicians and the media to help promote the event and ensure high attendance. The conference drew large numbers, attracting over 300 guests. Attendees were representative of the diversity of our community, with people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to learn about the environmental challenges and opportunities which we are facing. The team’s organisational skills proved to be formidable. Pieter, the team leader, took the initiative to research, identify, contact and interview a wide range of experts, both local and off-island, and personally inspired many to support or take part in the event. The team organised every last detail of the event independently - from the financing to the refreshments, from the guest speakers' line up to the technical set up and the promotional material and media interviews. In order to make the event as appealing as possible, the group also organised a house youth jazz band, to help keep energy levels up and give the event a positive, empowering tone. Although the event was youth-led, it grappled with complicated topics with an impressive level of maturity.

The Judges were impressed with this young team’s organisational skills, for having put on a wellresearched and thought-provoking event which clearly engaged the audience and raised awareness about environmental themes

Innovation Award

Innovation Award

Sponsored by Specsavers


The Pollinator Project

The Pollinator Project is an initiative that was created last year by a small group of members within La Société Guernesiaise. They aim to engage our community with Guernsey’s rich natural environment and encourage individuals to make changes to the way gardens and domestic land are managed locally. The initiative is in response to long term research studies which indicate that insects, the cornerstones of ecosystems, are in severe trouble. Intensive farming, climate change, urban growth and the over use of pesticides have all been devastating to these insects, including pollinators. Two-thirds of butterflies and moths are in long term decline. Across Europe 38% of bees and hoverflies are also in decline. And yet, one out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollination taking place.

As wild areas dwindle, urban and domestic areas become ever more important to wildlife and often support a diverse range of habitats that are becoming increasingly crucial for many species of pollinators. With over 1700 of the island's 6300 hectares of land designated as ‘gardens’, The Pollinator Project has identified gardens as a vital untapped source for biodiversity. The project is encouraging garden owners to “set aside” just 10% of their properties for pollinating insects, which would add over 150 hectares to the 'natural' habitat of our island – the equivalent of over 200 football pitches. A key part of the project’s work has been education with the team encouraging Islanders to feel responsible for, and to do something to halt the decline of wildlife species. Encouraging land management changes on a household level and across our community has been a bold departure from the usual way La Societe Guernesiaise has operated to date.

Working in partnership is core to the project, which in one year has already developed working partnerships with more than 40 groups and organisations on a project basis and engaged with over 3,000 individuals of all ages within schools, businesses, sports facilities and community groups. Initiatives have involved raising awareness of the species of pollinators we have in Guernsey; establishing pollinator patches; growing pollinator friendly plants locally; creating nesting habitats; discouraging the use of pesticides; and gathering data on local species. The project team is also working with the Development and Planning Authority to ensure that ‘green’ garden space is routinely included in planning applications.


GSPCA with Employment & Social Security, State Street Guernsey & Guernsey College of Further Education

Over recent years the GPSCA has been supporting Employment & Social Security with their “Work2Benefit” scheme by offering placements for long-term unemployed people to assist with their work rehabilitation. Since 2014, over 100 placements have taken place at the GSPCA through which jobseekers have gained work-related skills and experience and gained more confidence to move into paid work. Some people have moved into paid work, some have progressed on to other work schemes and some placements have led to employment with the GSPCA.

One of the challenges facing the programme in its initial stages was that the number of placements which could be accepted at any one time was restricted by the level of supervision which could be provided by the existing management team. The GPSCA therefore developed a proposal last year for a Community and Training Officer to be appointed to help the jobseekers placed with them, to increase the number of placements and to enable the GSPCA to offer more training. The funding of the post and the development of the training element of the initiative was funded by State Street Guernsey and Employment & Social Security. The GSPCA is currently working with the Guernsey College of Further Education to deliver the first NVQ in Animal Care in Guernsey, in fact the first animal care qualifications in Guernsey, which will hopefully lead to the delivery of other courses and qualifications. The aims of this project are to help reduce long-term unemployment in Guernsey by upskilling those individuals undertaking placements with the GSPCA so that they can move on and into paid work.

Only a few months into the project it is already seeing some impressive results with placement numbers exceeding initial targets and those on placement actively looking for work and improving their CV with training opportunities. The Community and Training Officer has also been able to help manage the GSPCA’s CSR and Work2Benefit teams as well as Community Service and Prison Placements and other volunteers during his duties. This has allowed the Work2Benefit placements, where appropriate, to work with skilled or varied individuals thereby upskilling their communication and team work even further.

The Judges were impressed by how the project is working with muliple partners with the aim of facilitating the delivery of a new qualification for Guernsey to assist the unemployed gain employment, together with the impact this newly created role has already had on the GSPCA’s placement scheme.

Wellbeing Animals Guernsey

WAG was formed in January of this year to provide a network of caring individuals who, with their dogs or other pets, bring animal assisted therapeutic benefit to people of all ages and in a variety of situations. WAG therapy dogs help many people as part of an holistic approach to health and wellbeing. The charity is based on research which has shown that just stroking or talking to a nonjudgmental animal can help in many ways, including reducing stress and anxiety, helping to improve quality of life and enhance mental wellbeing. Whether this be a person who is hospital bound, in a nursing home, suffering from anxiety, dementia, or even loneliness the benefits of pet therapy are
evident from the testimonies received.

WAG’s committee of qualified and informed canine experts liaises closely with Health and Social Care and others to bring therapy dogs into hospital wards, care and residential homes and people in their own homes. The charity is already making an impact in the community with both professionals and patients testifying to how visits relieve stress and bring comfort to those in need. Visits have even encouraged some withdrawn or non-communicative patients to talk clearly and to start becoming more social.

WAG dogs have to pass assessments to make sure that they remain calm when visting vulunerable or older people, hospital patients or children. There are currently 12 WAG volunteers and dogs with the volunteer base growing, WAG plans to increase its work with Health and Social Care and extend its services to work with private and charitable partners.

The Judges were impressed by the professionalism of this new charity, by the wonderful testimonies received and the reported resulting positive benefits it has already had on so many people.

Youth Award

Youth Award

Sponsored by Guernsey Electricity


Charlotte Horsepool

Charlotte has been involved with The Leo Club of Guernsey for several years and since joining has immersed herself in the charity’s activities, first becoming Vice-President and then taking on the role of President which she held for 2 years. During her presidency she has been involved with many initiatives including Meals on Wheels where she has formed lasting friendships with the elderly people who benefit from the weekly deliveries.

She has taken the lead in organising many Leo Club of Guernsey fundraising events, including bingo nights and flag days. As well as these core activities she has organised several major projects including The Pride of Guernsey talent show, the “Bake a Difference” overnight baking competition and Project Sparkle. Project Sparkle is the Leo Club of Guernsey’s ambitious plan, co-organised by Charlotte, to put the sparkle back into Christmas for Islanders who spend some or all of the holiday period alone. Inspired by the Christmas shoebox campaign, Charlotte co-organised a very successful donation drive for gifts for the elderly and organised their distribution.

Under Charlotte’s direction, the membership of the Leo Club of Guernsey has grown and, although she has now stepped down as President, she continues to take the lead on many of the charity’s events and initiatives to bring support to Islanders who need it. During her time at the Leo Club of Guernsey she has organised events that benefit a wide range of local causes including the GSPCA and Headway Guernsey.


Future Generations

Earlier this year, a group of local young people, Pieter Durman, Tom Rylatt, Tom Harvey, Adam Sparkes , James Thompson and Cameron Ashplant joined forces to come up with a plan to deliver a high-profile community conference, aimed at exploring environmental impacts facing Guernsey and society at large. The event, which the group christened Future Generations, went ahead in March at St James.

The group curated, promoted and hosted the event themselves, leveraging support from across the community including securing the venue, sponsorship from the private and third sectors and the participation of many high-profile speakers. They engaged with local civil servants, politicians and the media to help promote the event and ensure high attendance. The conference drew large numbers, attracting over 300 guests. Attendees were representative of the diversity of our community, with people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to learn about the environmental challenges and opportunities which we are facing. The team’s organisational skills proved to be formidable. Pieter, the team leader, took the initiative to research, identify, contact and interview a wide range of experts, both local and off-island, and personally inspired many to support or take part in the event. The team organised every last detail of the event independently - from the financing to the refreshments, from the guest speakers' line up to the technical set up and the promotional material and media interviews. In order to make the event as appealing as possible, the group also organised a house youth jazz band, to help keep energy levels up and give the event a positive, empowering tone. Although the event was youth-led, it grappled with complicated topics with an impressive level of maturity.

The judges were impressed by the initiative shown by this group of young people, to raise awareness about something they were passionate about

Joshua Robertson

Joshua is a former student of Le Murier School, who has overcome difficult personal circumstances to support his school on a voluntary basis and has become the first Le Murier School student to achieve a Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award. Following his graduation from Le Murier School, Joshua was very keen to give back to his school community and support younger students to achieve their potential. He has returned to the school every week, helping with a wide range of activities such as organising the school’s Google photo account, and assisted with the outdoor education programme. Joshua’s former teachers have been impressed and touched by his commitment to supporting the school and its students and with how he has admirably negotiated both personal challenges and learning difficulties. He has been an enthusiastic and caring mentor to younger students and a real help to staff. He is a popular figure around the school and plans to continue giving back to the community from which he feels he has gained so much.

Shortlisted for his commitment to helping others and in overcoming personal difficulties to achieve a Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

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