Giving money, philanthropy, wills, trusts and donations.

100% donation policy

The Foundation is fortunate to have its running costs covered through specific private donations. This allows other donations to be allocated entirely to our projects such as the grants programmes, training or research costs.

Options for Corporate Giving

Strategic Grants Programme

This grants programme provides substantial grants to local voluntary organisations so that significant challenges or needs within the Bailiwick can be addressed. We are looking to increase this fund through donations from corporate donors.

Matching Service

We are able to match businesses directly with local charitable or voluntary organisations which need support — financial or otherwise. Matches can be made to suit the interests of the business, for a one off project or to foster a long term relationship.

Specific Grants

The Foundation is able to provide a tailored service for a business which has a substantial amount that it would like to give to a charitable cause, but perhaps does not have the resource to do this effectively. Working together, the Foundation can ensure that the funds available reach the area you are interested in supporting.

Training Programme

The Foundation runs a programme of training workshops for the voluntary sector with the aim of building capacity within the sector. There is currently an opportunity to sponsor our 2016 training programme, or specific training events.

Sponsoring Initiatives

Periodically the Foundation coordinates specific one off projects within the voluntary sector which need sponsorship, such as seminars, research or campaigns to promote philanthropy.

Supporting the foundation

In Kind

We are fortunate to be supported by different businesses which provide us with pro bono or reduced cost services, but we are always interested in expanding this support.

The Community Awards

The annual Community Awards, organised by the Foundation, recognise the work of those organisations and individuals working in the voluntary sector. We are interested in finding future sponsors for this event.


The Foundation is currently funded by donors who underwrite our running costs but we would be interested in attracting other like-minded supporters.

Private Clients or Trusts

If your business works with Private Wealth Clients or Charitable Trusts, the Foundation would be interested to work with you to help your clients pursue their philanthropic aims.

What can you gain?

  • Involvement with the local community.
  • Engagement with the local voluntary sector.
  • An expanded skill set for employees.
  • Support for CSR initiatives.
  • Efficient direction or management of charitable funds.
  • Enhanced public profile.

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