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The Pargiter Trust funding helps organisations working with older people in Guernsey. Funds are awarded via a grants programme.

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What is the Pargiter Trust?

In 2005, the Honorable Isobel Cooper Heyman founded the Pargiter Trust to support older people. Isobel was a Trustee of The National Benevolent Fund for The Aged (NBFA) for a number of years and was a passionate campaigner, ensuring older people have the support they need to maintain independence and live healthy, happy lives.

She founded the Pargiter Trust to continue her work alleviating social isolation and stress wherever possible for older people living in England and the Bailiwick of Guernsey. More information on their work can be found on their website

What is the Pargiter Trust Grants programme?

Since 2014 the Foundation has acted on behalf of the Pargiter Trust to distribute funds to charitable and voluntary organisations working with disadvantaged older people in the Bailiwick. The Foundation administers these funds via a grants programme. To date £50,000 has been distributed.

Following the success of the programme to date, a further £50k has now been made available for granting in the Bailiwick. Applications for grants from this pot of funding are now being accepted.

Who can apply?

The Programme is open to:

  • Any voluntary organisation, group or committee, non-profit organisation or registered charity which works to support disadvantaged elderly people.
  • Professionals working in this field.

What are the criteria?

Grant applications must meet one or more of the following themes:

  • Improving health and well being – reducing isolation, providing hot meals and refreshments and helping older people to stay active through sports, arts, recreation, social clubs and volunteering.
  • Improving access to facilities, advice and training – providing transport, supporting Good Neighbourhood and befriending schemes and improving access to information and IT for older people.
  • Overcoming problems – helping older people who are experiencing difficult circumstances due to an illness, injury, disability, bereavement or financial difficulty.

Older people are defined as being 65 years plus.

Grants may fund existing services or facilities, or new initiatives and can contribute to either capital costs such as funding new equipment or supporting on going running costs.

How can I apply?

Applications for Pargiter Trust Grants are currently closed but may open again later in 2017. Watch this space for details. The guidelines available to download above give the criteria for grant applications so please read these if you are considering applying in future.

For any enquiries about Pargiter Grants please contact Sadie by email or on 748056.

You will only be asked to provide supporting documentation such as annual accounts, references and quotes if your application is seriously being considered for funding by the Grants Panel.

What happens next?

If your application is successful, you will be required to

  1. sign terms and conditions before receiving the grant cheque, guaranteeing that grant funds will be spent as specified in the application.
  2. write a report describing how funds were spent and what was achieved by the grant.
  3. Provide a financial statement to support the written report.
  4. upon request, allow a site visit from the Foundation staff to show how funds have been spent and what difference has been made.
  5. agree to monitoring by the Foundation staff throughout the life of the project or initiative, and when the funds have been completely spent.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any further questions or need assistance to complete the form, please contact Sadie on 748056 or email

“The Trustees are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Guernsey Community Foundation to help support older people in Guernsey. This exciting initiative promotes new opportunities for communities to come together to help older people.”


Pargiter Trust

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