2021 charity training starts at the Foundation



The Guernsey Community Foundation's 2021 training programme is set to begin on March 8th with a free session on marketing for charities. Originally planned to be held in at the KGV,  this has now moved online  meaning that spaces are available. 

Lucy Radford,  course tutor explains the aims and content,

"We’re told digital is the future, that everyone needs to be on social media. Advertise here, use video there …. When your time and funding is precious, it’s a wonder to know what to do isn’t it?

This presentation will provide you with insight into the what’s, how’s and most importantly the why’s of your charity’s activity. It will offer you a different way of thinking about Marketing, tips on how to create some order out of chaos, plus examples along the way to put this thinking into context. 

It's a great place to start, not only for your communications (including advertising and PR) but the wider operations of your charity."

Lucy Radford has worked in the industry for over 15 years, many of which were spent developing and implementing a complex marketing strategy for a global retailer. She now works for herself as a cake artist but the fundamentals of marketing still apply, even if the budget is smaller..


Join Lucy for an hour at 4pm on 8 March, email for further details and the link to the course.


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