Are you an Eco-Hero? Exciting new job role...

The Clean Earth Trust are Recruiting for an Eco-Hero 

This dynamic, award-winning Guernsey charity is delighted to be able to offer a full-time position to someone committed to tackling human impact on the environment.  The role will be on the basis of an initial 12 month contract with the possibility of extension for a further 12 months and possibly beyond.

This role is funded by the Guernsey Community Foundation. 

As this is a new role there is a certain amount of job crafting possibility for the role to evolve to suit the strengths of a candidate.  Reporting to the trustees, your job title will be "Eco-Hero". 

The core objective will be to raise our profile and take the effectiveness of our current projects to the next level in terms of achieving the purpose for which the Trust was established viz.  

"To limit human impact on the environment with a particular focus on Guernsey." 

You will help to organise and promote our events and push existing projects such as World No Tobacco Day, Womble52, Adopt a Patch, Repair Café, litter picker lending scheme, beach cleans and exhibitions such as joint initiatives with the Guernsey Arts Commission.  You will also be encouraged to put forward ideas to the trustees for new initiatives or amendments to existing ones. 

You will need to liaise with a wide range of people from sponsors and donors, to accountants, media, other environmental groups, arts commission, youth commission and others including maintaining our network of contacts in Herm, Alderney and Sark and deal with the general public.   

You will be an active fundraiser and will develop our record keeping processes, policies and procedures, marketing material and template documentation, manage media releases and enquiries and draft reports for the trustees and other stakeholders.   

You will help to enhance our websites and manage our social media platforms increasing our following and keeping our supporters updated with our events and progress. 

Above all you will not be bored! 

You will be committed to the environment, to Guernsey and acting as a catalyst to preserve and enhance our wonderful community spirit.  You will be entrepreneurial, erudite and organised.   

You will live and breathe our values, be great at communicating our mission to the community and will infect others with your enthusiasm.  

To find out more please email or call 07781 400426

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