Community Awards nominations open

Nominations are now open for the 2015 Community Awards.

The Community Awards celebrate the local charities, organisations, groups, individuals and businesses who work tirelessly to raise money and embark on community projects for the benefit of others, across the bailiwick and further afield.

The 7 award categories are:

Charity of the Year
Fundraising Team of the Year
Organising Committee of the Year
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Outstanding Individual Achievement
Overseas Award
Youth Award

Nomination forms and full criteria can be downloaded now from the Community Awards website -

Alternatively, nomination forms can be requested by email or post by contacting or by calling Sadie on 748056. Sadie is also available to offer support to anyone requiring help with the nomination process.

The closing date for nominations is Friday 11th September.


Charity Of The Year– sponsored by State Street Global Services

Awarded to the charity that the Judges believe has consistently delivered outstanding service to its beneficiaries; promoted and raised its cause; been clear in its goals and strategy and demonstrated excellence all round.NB: the charity must be a registered charity with the Income Tax Authority. The charity can be of any size, large or small, and can either be a long-established organisation or a successful newcomer. The emphasis is on the impact the charity has made to its beneficiaries.

Organising Committee Of The Year – sponsored by RG Falla

Awarded to the organisers of an annual event, one-off project or campaign which has been particularly successful in engaging with the local community and whose participants have demonstrated great teamwork. NB: the committee need not be formally registered with the Income Tax Authority and should not, as its primary function, be engaged in fundraising for a specific charitable cause.

Outstanding Individual Achievement– sponsored by KPMG Channel Islands Limited

Awarded to a person who has demonstrated innovation, teamwork, passion and integrity throughout their involvement, and who has produced an identifiably profound effect on a charity or voluntary organisation through their work and/or leadership.  NB The emphasis is on the impact the individual has made to the charity/voluntary group and not necessarily on the length of time involved with that organisation.

Fundraising Team Of The Year– sponsored by Cazenove Capital Management – Wealth Management from Schroders

Awarded to a locally based fundraising team on the basis of its innovation and results that achieve or exceed the aims of a campaign, or campaigns, during the previous 12 months. NB: This award is not restricted to a team within a charity or voluntary organisation (voluntary/paid), but can be an ad-hoc team who have got together to raise money for a charitable, voluntary, church or community purpose. It will not necessarily be measured by the amount of money raised but the impact the funds have achieved. The team does not necessarily have to be part of a formally registered organisation with the Income Tax Authority.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award– sponsored by RBC Wealth Management

The CSR award recognises the active involvement of a commercial company and its team directly with charitable, voluntary or community projects in its locality, or through its partnership with a local charitable, voluntary or community organisation that has had a quantifiably positive effect on the local community over the last year/s. NB: the CSR award may be for a one off initiative run by a company, or as part of a long-standing, structured CSR program. The company should have a proven track record in CSR activity. The company must be a registered company with the Income Tax Authority.

Overseas Award– sponsored by Specsavers

The Overseas Award is for a local charity or initiative whose work benefits areas outside the Bailiwick of Guernsey. NB: This work can be anywhere outside of the Bailiwick, including the UK.

Youth Award – sponsored by Guernsey Electricity

Awarded to a young person who encapsulates commitment, contribution and giving, either to or for the community, individuals, family or others. A young unsung hero. Through caring, by volunteering, by achieving, in showing spirit or heroic deed, perhaps above and beyond expectation and in ways that would not normally attract the limelight.

NB: A young person for the purpose of this award will be 11 – 25.

The Community Awards will be at St James on Wednesday 4th November. Information about tickets will be released in due course.

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