The Guernsey Community Foundation has begun its search for a new Chair following the decision by Wayne Bulpitt to step down at the end of the year.

Mr Bulpitt co-founded the Foundation in 2010 with Stuart Falla and Dave Warr, and has been Chair since taking over from Stephen Jones in late 2014. 

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my six years as Chair,” Mr Bulpitt said. “It offers you an excellent insight into the interdependencies between our voluntary sector, government, donors, grant givers and the wider community.

“The new Chair will have the chance to act as an honest broker, facilitating the making of a significant difference to the lives and experiences of others. The role is often humbling – and sometimes frustrating – but more often than not it’s highly satisfying.”

The Chair of the Foundation’s Supervisory Board, Stuart Falla, is leading the search for Mr Bulpitt’s successor.

“Under Wayne’s inspiring chairmanship, the Foundation has gone from strength to the strength,” he said. “We’re looking for someone who can build on recent successes. At the same time, this is an opportunity to find someone who will bring new thinking and new perspectives.

“We want to make the recruitment process broad and inclusive,” he continued. “Anyone interested in this opportunity should contact either myself or Jim Roberts, Chief Executive, before Monday 12th October to discuss the role in more detail. We hope to interview and appoint the successful candidate in time to allow for a brief handover period prior to Wayne’s departure.”

Role Description:

An influencer and bridge-builder, the Chair will be able to motivate and inspire. They will be a confident communicator and a diplomat – someone who is able to earn the respect of everyone from philanthropists to CEOs, politicians to third sector professionals.

As a Chair, they will be collaborative and inclusive, taking the lead when necessary but knowing when to delegate and to defer to others’ expertise.
This high-profile, hands-on role offers significant rewards in terms of the positive difference that the Foundation makes to the Island. 
To find out more, contact Stuart Falla on 07781 154262 or Jim Roberts, Chief Executive of the Foundation, on 07781 157165; or you can email


Please enquire no later than Monday 12th October.

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