Publication of phase one of the Policy and Resource Plan

On 10th October 2016 the Policy and Resources Committee of the States of Guernsey published phase one of the Policy and Resource Plan. Phase one of the plan sets out a 20 year vision for the future of Guernsey and will debated by the States of Deliberation on 15th November 2016. Phase two of the plan will set out a programme for Government for the period 2017 to 2021 and will be debated by the States in June 2017.

Commenting on Phase One of the Policy & Resource Plan Wayne Bulpitt, Chairman of the Guernsey Community Foundation said:-

“The Guernsey Community Foundation welcomes Policy & Resources Committee’s ambitious aim to identify a vision for the future of Guernsey that focuses on the outcomes that the States of Guernsey would like to achieve over the next 20 years. The Foundation has welcomed the engagement that it has had in this process to date.”

“If the States approves the high level vision, then the hard work will really begin in the next phase as the Principal Committees develop their own individual plans and the Policy and Resources Committee begins the difficult prioritisation process in order to develop an overall programme of Government for the States of Guernsey. Inevitably, this prioritisation process is likely to lead to some difficult choices and trade-offs about which States’ projects to prioritise and which to delay or not progress.”

“We welcome the recognition that the plan cannot be delivered by the States of Guernsey alone and that the States will need to work in partnership with business and community groups to achieve the objectives of the plan. We have been encouraged by many of their actions to date in this regard.”

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