Guernsey Community Foundation to sponsor States of Guernsey Social Policy Internship

The States of Guernsey are looking to recruit a suitably qualified recent graduate, current undergraduate or postgraduate student to join the Government Policy and Research Unit of the Policy Council. This 6 month contract position will be sponsored by Guernsey Community Foundation (GCF) and is the first time that an organisation or business has sponsored an internship in Guernsey’s Public Services.

Dave Chilton, Chief Executive, Guernsey Community Foundation said:

“The social policy arena is an area of increasing importance, activity and interest for the Guernsey Community Foundation. Working with the States of Guernsey and other interested parties in this area presents a number of opportunities to influence thinking, propose outcomes and solutions to current and future issues and to work cooperatively for the common good. There is a clearly identified need for more resources to be applied to researching selected areas of interest and the Guernsey Community Foundation is pleased to be able to offer its financial support to the States for the employment of a Research Intern to progress this.”

Stephen Langford, Head of Government Strategy and Business for the States of Guernsey said:

“This is a visible sign of the States commitment to work more closely with the Third Sector in the shaping of social policy for Guernsey. A beneficial by-product is that Interns are an excellent way of attracting talent to the States; not only can they help with shorter-term project requirements, but an intern scheme can act as a great introduction to those students who might consider a more permanent position on one of our Development Schemes. A talented student with an interest in Social Policy can benefit from hands on experience in this area, whilst giving valuable insight into the operation of government to help then decide whether this is a career path they wish to follow.

We are delighted to be working so closely with the Guernsey Community Foundation and hope to explore future joint initiatives of this type, which is a win/win for all concerned.”


Issued by: Mary Putra, States of Guernsey
Tel: 01481 717046

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