Last chance to apply for funding for older people

Bailiwick charities and grassroots organisations which work with older people have one more week to apply for funds provided by a UK-based charitable trust.

The Guernsey Community Foundation, which acts on behalf of the Pargiter Trust, will not accept applications after Friday 12th January.

The Pargiter Trust will award grants to non-profit organisations that run projects or activities meeting one or more of the following themes – improving health and well-being of older people, improving access to facilities, advice and training or overcoming problems relating to old age.

The Pargiter Trust helps people aged 65 and above to live more independently, stay healthy, and feel socially included. Just over £80,000 has been distributed since 2014.

Grants can be used to fund existing services or new initiatives, or to meet or offset capital costs such as the purchase of new equipment. Applications are also considered from organisations that support carers of older people, and from professionals working in this field.

Further details and application forms are available to download or by contacting the Foundation on 748056 or by emailing

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