£50,000 to benefit the elderly

New Funding is now available to help organisations working with the elderly community in Guernsey.

The Guernsey Community Foundation is working with the Pargiter Trust, a UK based charitable trust, which aims to assist disadvantaged elderly people to be independent, healthy and socially included. The Foundation will act on behalf of the Pargiter Trust to distribute the £50,000 to the charitable sector or to those working with the elderly. Funds will be awarded via a grants programme, which opens today, and charitable organisations are asked to come forward to apply.

There will be two application rounds, with funds of £25,000 being available in each round. The current round of applications is open until Monday 9th June, with the next round being opened later in the year.

Grants may fund existing services or facilities, or new initiatives and can contribute to either capital costs such as funding new equipment, or support on-going running costs. The Trust will also accept applications from organisations supporting carers of older people and may also accept applications from professionals working in this field.

A spokesperson from the Pargiter Trust said: “The Trustees are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Guernsey Community Foundation to help support older people in Guernsey. This exciting initiative promotes new opportunities for communities to come together to help older people.”

The Trust will award grants to non-profit organisations including charities and voluntary groups and will support projects meeting one or more of the following themes:

o   Improving health & well-being – Reducing isolation, providing hot meals and refreshments and helping older people to stay active through sports, arts, recreation, social clubs and volunteering;

o   Improving access to facilities, advice and training – Providingtransport, supporting Good Neighbourhood and befriending schemes and improving access to information and IT for older people;

o   Overcoming problems - Helping older people who are experiencing difficult circumstances due to an illness, injury, disability, bereavement or financial difficulty;

The Guernsey Community Foundation is managing the application and distribution process on behalf of the Pargiter Trust. Anyone interested is asked to contact Sadie Siviter de Paucar of the Foundation on 748056 or sadie@foundation.gg . Further details, along with application forms, are also available on the Foundation’s website www.foundation.gg/grants

The Pargiter Trust was formed in 2005 by the late Hon Isobel Cooper - Heyman, in order to provide grants for the relief of older people in need living in England and the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Mrs Cooper - Heyman was a Trustee of The National Benevolent Fund for The Aged (NBFA) andwas a passionate campaigner ensuring older people have the support they need to maintain independence and live healthy, happy lives.

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