Voluntary Sector Survey - 2019

The Guernsey Community Foundation and KPMG, with support from the Association of Guernsey Charities, have today launched a new survey intended to gather valuable information about the Island’s charitable sector.

The survey asks for information about service delivery, finances, volunteer numbers and more. Recipients are also invited to give their opinion on a range of topics relevant to the third sector, from grant-giving to staff recruitment, data protection to safeguarding.


Please find a link to the survey here:


The Foundation and AGC will use the information to ensure that organisations are properly supported.

“We want to better understand where the charitable sector is successful and where it is struggling,” said Jim Roberts, Chief Executive of the Guernsey Community Foundation. “The Foundation does a lot of work with individual charities and operates a grant giving programme, so we already have an idea of the pressures that specific local charities are under. The survey will enable us to take a close look at the bigger picture.

“While every charity is different, we expect the survey to highlight certain trends and commonalities – both positive and negative – and we can use this information to refine our third sector development and support programme. In essence, the survey is about asking the third sector: ‘how we can we help?’”

KPMG carried out a similar survey in Jersey in 2017 as part of the launch of the Jersey Partnership. Mr Roberts said that the Guernsey version had been tailored with the Island in mind. “We’ve focused in particular on financial sustainability, service delivery and volunteering, three areas of charitable work that crop up time and again when charities come to us for advice.”

In addition to benefiting from more targeted support from the Foundation, survey participants will be able to request a bespoke report from KPMG to benchmark themselves against the sector as a whole.

The Foundation hopes for a high response rate from charities to help construct an accurate picture of the challenges and opportunities currently facing the sector. 

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