Guernsey Community Foundation - Consultancy

We are pleased to offer free consultancy services to voluntary organisations in Guernsey through our partner organisations - Organization Development Legacy and Chris Atkinson.

Good to Great

The greatest voluntary sector challenge is to optimise the work and time of your valuable volunteer resources. Chris Atkinson’s offer is to help you do that in the context of your specific mission and charity market.

‘Good to Great’ can be a rewarding experience for you and your team. Through a series of highly interactive workshops, tailored to your needs, your team will explore and answer the following questions: What are the characteristics of a great team? What are the vital differences between leadership and management? Is everyone in the team truly on the same page regarding opportunities, priorities and goals? Does everyone in the team share a common vision of what success looks like and by when? How do we inspire commitment and build emotional connection? How do great teams hold each other accountable? What are the four secrets of great execution?

More information on how to go from Good to Great.

Organize and Develop

Developing strategy:
Desk research and conversations with all key players allows our consultancy team to recommend organization development actions, activities and strategies.

Developing governance:
Voluntary sector organizations are under increasing pressure to meet governance and regulatory requirements similar to those experienced by commercial and public sector organisations. Our consultancy team can provide support and advice on how to meet those demands.

Developing people:
Volunteers may need to develop organizational, managerial and other skills  to raise the efficiency of using valuable people, resources and time. We can advise on how best to achieve this through action learning, coaching and other personal development activities.

More information on the ODL team.


Training Programme

The Foundation seeks to offer courses that are relevant to the local voluntary sector each year, when available. For further details contact

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