Projects and Policy

Strengthening the Sector

Where there is a clear community need, and a gap in services to meet that need, the Foundation has helped to seed initiatives that will close those gaps – taking a strategic view of the needs of the island, and building the capacity of the voluntary sector to deliver services and support that islanders need.

Ageing Well in the Bailiwick

Ageing Well in the Bailiwick (AWB) was set up in 2013 to provide a voice for older people and organisations working with them in the community. The group now has a network of over 90 people, representing more than 30 organisations working with older people in the voluntary, private and public sectors.

Ageing Well in the Bailiwick

The group’s main focus to date has been to ensure a positive outcome for older people from the States’ Supported Living and Ageing Well Strategy (SLAWS). It seeks to provide a clear, coherent, community voice on issues affecting older people, and has been consulted on topics ranging from the transport strategy to the Chief Executive’s reform of public services.

AWB is currently developing its strategic plan and formalising its structure. The Foundation continues to support AWB by providing administrative support.

Guernsey Employment Trust

Discussions on the possibility of Guernsey having an Employment Trust began as part of the States Disability and Inclusion Strategy. The Foundation was asked to consider the current provision of supported employment services and to propose a suitable model for the future. We worked with the States departments and charities working in this field and drew up proposals for a Charitable Trust which could take over the States services.

Proposals were agreed with HSSD and the Guernsey Employment Trust was launched in 2015, taking over the work previously done by Interwork Services. The team moved to new premises, adopted fresh new branding, and has made a positive impact on disabled people’s employment prospects from the start.

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