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Domestic’s Abuse Awareness Tier 1

Safer LBG

The course provides an overview of domestic abuse and challenges commonly held beliefs, attitudes and assumptions about domestic abuse. Amongst the issues covered are: The different categories of abuse; Why people may stay in abusive relationships; How children may be affected by domestic abuse; Good practice and interagency working including an overview of Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) and the CAADA DASH RIC (Risk Identification Checklist); The leaving process and issues to consider when leaving an abusive relationship.

The course will include a brief presentation by local specialist domestic abuse agencies about their different roles.

Time TBC



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Handling Difficult Conversations

Richard Hamilton

Every day, in every environment, people are faced with what that they perceive to be 'difficult conversations'.

This session provides an objective view of why people might see conversations that way and whether in fact a difficult conversation is more to do with perception than the actual reality of the situation.


Communication Styles and Skills

Listening Skills

Transactional Analysis

Building Confidence


Conflict Management,

The Value of Reflection

Course Benefits

This course will benefit all those who struggle with the thought of a difficult conversation and their ability to deal with the situation.

Tutor Profile

Richard Hamilton formed BIS Consultants Ltd in 2011 with the clear intention to provide no-frills consultancy and tangible support to businesses in terms of learning and development, organisational design, executive support and coaching.

9.00 to 17:00


GTA University Centre, Guernsey

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Child Protection Level 2


The course will enable participants to demonstrate knowledge and skills in applying safeguarding principles in practice and appraise implications for professional practice when working with families. The course covers: Defining the categories of child abuse; Recognising signs and indicators of abuse; Considering how to respond to concerns; Explaining roles and responsibilities; Locating and referring to relevant guidelines.

This half-day course is intended for anyone who works with children, young people, parents or families in either the statutory, voluntary or private sector.

Time TBC


The Learning Institute

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To book a place, please contact the The Learning Institute by email.

Dignity and Respect at Work

Hazel Burden

More than half of women (TUC, 2016) and a fifth of men (BBC survey 2017) have experienced sexual harassment at work. Employers play a key role in protecting all employees at work, and offering staff training is a vital part of that. The consequences of allowing harassment or discrimination at work are serious - not only legally, but also financially, professionally and personally. Treating your employees with dignity, respect and courtesy is all important in attracting and retaining the best.


Which behaviours constitute harassment and discrimination?

What is the impact of it occurring at work?

What does the law and best practice say?

How can harassment and discrimination be prevented and addressed, should it occur?

Action planning next steps

Course Benefits

By the end of the workshop, you will have:

• Identified the impact your behaviour can have on others

• Learnt how to recognise harassment and discrimination at work

• Understood the relevant employment laws and best practice that apply to you at work

• Discussed steps you can take to prevent and address any complaints from a manager or colleague

• Identified on-going actions

Hazel Burden has a proven track record in UK HR management over a 17 year career, Hazel is technically proficient and practically experienced as an HR professional and project manager as well as having specialist experience in management development, workforce planning and talent management.

09.30 – 12.30


GTA University Centre

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