The Guernsey Community Foundation exists to promote effective philanthropy: the well-directed giving of money, time and ideas within the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The Foundation’s vision is a vibrant and caring community, in which a strong and committed charitable sector works effectively with government and business.

We work towards that vision by supporting voluntary organisations to develop, to help meet unmet local needs; and by partnering with government and business to help shape relevant policy. 

  • We provide insight on local needs by conducting research, working with our extensive networks, and acting as a trusted partner, adviser and critical friend to government.
  • We promote leadership in the voluntary sector and the development of strong organisations.
  • We build capacity and capability by making strategic decisions about resource allocation.
  • We support charities with well-defined goals to plan, grow and develop their work – at all times aiming to achieve the best possible results for our island community.

Raising money, supplying time and giving ideas.

Strengthening the Voluntary Sector

The Foundation believes that a strong and committed voluntary sector, working alongside government and business, can contribute to a caring and vibrant local community. We recognise the good work that many charities are doing, and seek to nurture leadership in the voluntary sector by supporting effective organisations to develop their services and expand their impact. We are working to build capacity across the whole of the voluntary sector by providing financial support, skilled volunteers, relevant training opportunities, and practical advice. We seek to act as a trusted partner and adviser to government in the co-creation of social policy, focusing on real community needs and helping to create an environment where charities and public services complement each other well. We recognise the importance of all sectors of our society working well together, and we are supporting local voluntary organisations as they look to develop their services and to grow. We are actively encouraging and nurturing effective partnerships within the voluntary sector, as well as between voluntary organisations, ourselves, the States of Guernsey and the business sector.


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Raising the profile of volunteering

The Community Foundation celebrates local charities and inspires new volunteers through a unique advertising campaign.

Many thanks to the Specsavers TV team who worked with us to produce this advertising campaign for Volunteering in Guernsey! The campaign launched in 2013 and these stunning short films of local volunteers making a difference in their community have been shown before every film at the Mallard Cinema. Watch, share and be inspired by the five films on our YouTube channel.

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