GCF Grants Programme

Our grants programme is open to any charity, community group or non-profit organisation doing work in the Bailiwick.

Applications should be for at least £5,000, although we do on occasion accept applications for smaller amounts.

Applying for a grant

Application criteria

  • Applications should address a proven area of concern or fill a gap in service provision within the Bailiwick.
  • Applications should seek to improve the way a charity operates or delivers its services so that it can better meet the needs of the community or its service users.
  • Applicants must explain how the grant would have a positive impact.
  • If an organisation holds more than one year’s reserves, applicants will need to explain why the ‘surplus’ cannot be used to fund or part-fund the proposed activity.

Application Process

  • If you are thinking of making an application you should speak to us first. Get in touch via grants@foundation.gg or call 01481 259523. If, after talking to us, we think that you should apply, you will be asked to complete a pre-application form.  The Foundation’s Grants Panel will then decide whether to invite a full application.
  • If the Panel so invite you to make a full application, you will need to complete the full application form.  You will be asked to submit supporting documentation such as annual accounts, business plans, and details of your safeguarding policy.
  • We may ask you or other representatives of the charity to attend a meeting of the Grants Panel to answer questions. See more detailed guidelines.


Do you offer any help and guidance to grant applicants?

Yes – we are very happy to talk you through the process and help you with your application as well as offering you more practical advice.  Our aim is to maximise your chances of success and make the process as user-friendly as possible.

Can I apply for multiple grants?

Yes, but we would advise you to make one application and within it to projects, equipment, salaries etc with which you want assistance. If you are successful in your application and receive a grant, you can apply for the same help at a later date – however we will look for evidence that you have tried to secure funding by other means, and in general we discourage applicants from becoming dependent on our grant-giving. But in short, yes, you are welcome to apply again. You are also welcome to re-apply if your first application is rejected, but we would recommend you speak to us first to find out more about why you were originally unsuccessful.

Can I apply for a grant if our charity is outside the Bailiwick of Guernsey?

Yes, provided you have some sort of presence in Bailiwick (for example, your charity may be headquartered in the UK but you have a brand, and provided that your grant will benefit people within the Bailiwick.

Do you have to be a registered charity to apply for a grant?

If you are a charity and you have not registered we will want to know why, but not being registered does not automatically disqualify you.

Recent grant approvals

Below are examples of grant recipients and the work for which they were awarded funding.

Organisation/ Charity Details Grants (GBP)
July 2023
Ron Short Centre Upgrades to retail space £23,600
Trauma Recovery Centre Clinical, therapy and support staff £66,279
Guernsey Beach Wheelchairs Operations and maintenance salary costs £6,900
Guernsey Botanical Trust Completion works for Victorian walled garden £10,000
May 2023
St Peter Port Christmas Lights Replacement lights £5,000
February 2023
Association of Guernsey Charities Development Officer for 3 years £122,000
December 2023
Guernsey Mind Operational costs for expansion into therapeutic services £100,000
November 2022
Bright Beginnings Full-time CEO for 2 years £104,031
Relate Counsellor recruitment, training and supervision over 2 years £52,000
St James Concert Hall Operating costs £25,000
Guernsey Arts Commission Funding Development Officer £40,000
La Société Guernesiaise Astronomy Section Upgrate to computers, AV system and WiFi £6,086
October 2022
St John Guernsey First Aid in Schools programme for 12 months £12,000
September 2022
Go LBG General Manager £34,000
June 2022
Bailiwick Social Prescribing Operational costs for final pilot year £111,000
Art for Guernsey Staffing of new gallery £50,000
May 2022
Guernsey Disability Alliance Website, awareness campaign, members' meetings £17,000
Safer Trainee Outreach Worker £23,000
Guernsey Conservation Volunteers Part-time Operations Director for 2 years £39,084
Ron Short Centre  Completion work on new function hall £45,000
March 2022
Friends of Sark School New school playground £20,000
Guernsey Voluntary Service General Manager for 2 years £40,400
Guernsey Nature Commission Start-up and running costs for 3 years £150,000
Choices IT work, telephony upgrade, and specialist equipment £18,750
February 2022
Autism Guernsey General Manager for 3 years £90,000
Grow Limited Development Work £25,000
January 2022
Vive La Vallette/ Guernsey Disability Swimming Access pathway at the bathing pools £22,000
July 2021
Youth Commission Full-time Coordinator for Sunflower Project for 2 years £52,500
Little Buttons Pre-School Holiday activity programme £5,000
Chateau Reve Maintenance of hoist for pool access £5,000
Health Connections Part-time Lead Transport Coordinator £17,323
March 2021
Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association Part-time support advisor for 2 years £47,500
Guernsey Bereavement Service Manager and Administrator for 2 years £60,000
January 2021
Guernsey Sports Commission School holiday programme £15,000
Pollinator Project Part-time ecologist in partnership with Environment Guernsey Ltd £60,000
Guernsey Mobility Let's Go Equipment, staff and training costs £15,000

Want to know more?

If you would like to talk to one of the team about the application process, just give us a call on 01481 259523 or email us on grants@foundation.gg and we will be happy to help.