Part of the Foundation’s role is to identify unmet needs in the community and take steps to meet them.

The Foundation does this by carrying out research and publishing reports, establishing strategically important new charities, and working with Government.

Core to this work are our relationships with a network of charitable sector professionals and experts.

Research and reports

From time to time we undertake long-term projects intended to leave a lasting and positive impact.

In 2022 we published a landmark, 100-page report on the nature and prevalence of homelessness in Guernsey. A period of extended research and analysis led to the Foundation making 12 recommendations. We have continued to undertake and support work towards implementing these.

In 2018 we led a review of Guernsey’s creative arts sector, which among other things recommended that the Guernsey Arts Commission.


Establishing charities

Since 2010, in response to gaps identified in public and third-sector service provision, the Foundation has helped create the following charities:

Together, these organisations have improved the lives of thousands of people in the Bailiwick.

Working with Government

The Foundation’s knowledge of the charitable sector, independence, and belief in apolitical, evidence-based analysis mean we are valued by the States of Guernsey as a consultee and critical friend.

We have served on Government working groups, advised on social policy, and been commissioned to produce reports on issues ranging from loneliness to in-work poverty.

In 2023, the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure named the Foundation as a key partner in its efforts to reduce homelessness.