In late 2017, in response to concerns over arts funding, the Foundation and the Arts Commission joined forces to review the arts in Guernsey and develop a new strategy.

The aim was to ensure that culture and the arts remained accessible to all, and at the forefront of Guernsey life.

Arts Working Group

The review was undertaken by a specially constituted Arts Working Group, chaired by the Foundation, which brought together representatives of charities and the States, including those with expertise in the arts and culture.

The working group published its findings in early 2019, with its report endorsed by the Committee for Education, Sport and Culture.

The report’s five key recommendations were to:

  • Reinvigorate the Guernsey Arts Commission.
  • Give consideration to centralising arts funding.
  • Professionalise investment in the arts.
  • Create new facilities for the arts.
  • Put the arts at the heart of “brand Guernsey”.


Following the review, the Island’s arts and culture body was relaunched as Guernsey Arts, with the remit to promote, support and inspire creativity locally.

GCF Arts Strategy Document V4.pdf