Pargiter Grants – New digital listeners are improving lives

Apr 1, 2016

A generous grant from the Pargiter Trust has enabled the Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association (GHHA) to provide Digital Listeners to more than 20 local care homes.

The devices are specifically designed to help and support deaf and hard of hearing adults.

The Pargiter Trust grant of £4,300, distributed locally by the Guernsey Community Foundation, has enabled the GHHA to purchase and distribute 54 Sonido Digital Listeners and 54 Stethosets. The remaining money from the grant was put towards specialised smoke alarms systems which are currently being fitted by the Fire and Rescue Service.

‘The Sonido Digital Listeners Project has been even more successful than we could possibly have hoped for,’ said Nikki Stephens, GHHA Chair.

‘Despite having no prior knowledge of these listeners, care home staff were all very willing to learn how to use them correctly and almost without exception could immediately identify one or two residents who might benefit from using them. Sonidos have now been delivered to more than 20 care homes as well as Les Bourgs Hospice, La Nouvelle Maritaine, Le Grand Courtil, and the Duchess of Kent and we are getting amazing feedback from the staff, the residents themselves, and even from third party agencies who work with the residents.’

Quotes from care homes:

“Thank you so much for bringing the digital listeners to our home today. I have tried one with one of our residents and he is now able to hear everything we say (with the volume turned high). This is wonderful for him as he has refused a hearing aid in the past. He is really happy with this device and it will make such a difference to his daily life. Previously, he couldn’t hear a word we said and all communications were done by writing and sign language. Thank you!” Chateau du Village.

“We would like to let you know that the hearing devices you brought us yesterday work amazingly well. Our resident can hear and communicate with us which is brilliant. He is happy, we are happy and his son is really happy. Thank you.” Chateau des Tielles.

“Thanks for the Sonido digital listeners, I have one very happy resident. Best wishes.” Maison de Quetteville.

Following the success of the project, and on the recommendation of a local GP who has successfully used the devices with patients, the GHHA is now working with two GP surgeries who intend to purchase two Sonido Digital Listeners to keep for use in their surgeries.

The Sonido portable amplifier is designed to help users hear conversations and other sounds (like the TV) more clearly. By pointing the Sonido in the direction the user wants to listen, the sound they want to hear will be amplified whilst reducing background noise from everywhere else.

The grant has also supported the purchase of specialist smoke alarms for those with hearing impairments, enabling them to remain in their own homes safely.

The third round of applications for Pargiter Trust Grants is now open.  Applications close on Thursday 7 April so there is still time to submit. Applications forms and criteria can be found in the grants section– or you can contact Sadie at the Foundation on 748056 or email