Foundation hands over reins to Guernsey Arts Commission

Nov 27, 2020

The Guernsey Arts Commission (the Commission) is assuming responsibility for implementing the recommendations of the Arts Strategy Working Group (ASWG), the project group created and chaired by the Guernsey Community Foundation.

Since 2018 the Foundation has been the driving force behind a review of Guernsey’s arts sector that culminated with the publication of a report which spelled out the need for a long term, sustainable funding plan for the arts.  The plan also looked at the way in which art and culture was promoted and developed on the island. 

Central to the success of a long term plan is an adequately resourced Guernsey Arts Commission. With the Foundation’s help, the Commission recruited new trustees, implemented new governance arrangements, and secured new funding.

Wayne Bulpitt, chair of the Guernsey Community Foundation, said: “The Guernsey Arts Commission is now in a very exciting place, and is now more resilient than ever. The Foundation has done what it set out to do, so it is time for us to step back and let the Commission, as experts in the arts, take the lead.”

Stephen Ainsworth, chair elect of the Guernsey Arts Commission, said: “Our expanded board is now working on its Plan for the Arts, building upon the work of the ASWG.  A key part of this plan is expanding our digital strategy centred on the development of a state of the art website, which will be launched very shortly. 

“We are really grateful for the ongoing support of the Foundation and for its funding to enable the digital strategy to move forward apace.”

Mr Bulpitt said that he wished the Commission all the best.

“Having delivered on all our promises, we are now at a natural point of closure – but rest assured, we will continue to support the Commission as it progresses this important piece of work,” he said