New Arts Survey Launched

Aug 14, 2018

The Arts Strategy Working Group (ASWG) is asking Islanders what music, culture and the arts means to them.

The ASWG, in conjunction with Island Global Research, has launched a survey to find out how Islanders support and contribute to the arts sector.

Jim Roberts, a member of the ASWG and Chief Executive of the Guernsey Community Foundation, who funded the survey, said:

“The survey looks at the Island’s arts scene in its widest sense, from photography to classical music, poetry to musical theatre. If you’ve ever been to a gig or watched a play or gone to the North Show – or thought about doing these things but haven’t – then we want to hear from you.”

 In May, the ASWG invited a range of influencers and stakeholders to a special event at St James to find out more about the opportunities and challenges facing Guernsey’s arts sector. The survey uses the feedback from that event as a starting point, and aims to give the general public a say in how the Island can best support local talent and attract talent from overseas.

 The survey is aimed at people aged 16 and up, with the Youth Commission separately seeking the views of younger islanders. Part of the survey is intended for artists and anyone who directly supports the arts by volunteering or providing services. It’s part of a programme of work being undertaken by the ASWG that will culminate with the publication of an arts strategy later in the year.

The survey can be found here.

About the Arts Strategy Working Group

Last year, Guernsey Community Foundation and the Arts Commission joined forces to develop a new arts strategy with the aim of ensuring that culture and the arts remain accessible to all, and at the forefront of Guernsey life.

The Arts Strategy Working Group is comprised of:

•          David Ummels, a locally-based art collector and entrepreneur, and founder of Art for Guernsey

•          Dave Warr, Vice Chair of the Guernsey Community Foundation

•          Trevor Wakefield, Chair of the Arts Commission

•          Kerstin Neason, Chief Executive Officer, Guernsey Youth Commission

•          Natasha Keys, Director of Sport and Culture, the Committee for Education, Sports and Culture

•          Steve Camm, former Managing Director of Hiscox

•          Jim Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, the Guernsey Community Foundation

The group has engaged with a wide range of influential and experienced stakeholders and innovators ahead of developing a strategic action plan that will address the need for a long term, sustainable funding plan for arts. The plan is also examining how art and culture is promoted and developed on the Island.