Foundation publishes proposals for new homelessness charity

Feb 1, 2023

Guernsey Community Foundation’s has published proposals for establishing a dedicated homelessness charity for the island.

In February 2023 we appointed specialists Homeless Network Scotland (HNS) to investigate the need for such an organisation, a course of action that was recommended in our 2022 report ‘Homelessness in Guernsey‘.

The project was titled ‘At Home in Guernsey’ and funded by our charity partner, Maison St Pierre, which had also funded our earlier report.

As part of the project, HNS hosted a housing summit attended by more than 30 representatives from charities and agencies that frequently support people facing severe housing difficulties.

HNS also interviewed people in Guernsey with first-hand experience of homelessness, so any service recommendations were embedded in reality.

HNS delivered their report ‘Service design to respond to homelessness and housing in security in Guernsey‘ [pdf] in November 2023.

It recommends that a dedicated homelessness charity be established in Guernsey, and that the Foundation act as incubator.

The Foundation’s Board has agreed that we take on this role and work towards establishing the new charity.


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